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SUGS v London University GS - Royal St George's GC - Friday 3 February 2023

It was with great delight that the SUGS descended on Sandwich on Thursday 2 February for the annual match against the LUGS.  With international travel resumed post covid we had Anthony Shields jetting in from Geneva and Simon Holt arriving fresh as a daisy from the PGA show in Florida.

There was informal golf for some, including our President Nigel Watt, on Thursday afternoon and then we rendezvoused in the George & Dragon for a pre match supper and the crucial announcement of the pairings for the morning’s foursomes.  A convivial evening was had by all before we retired to our digs for the evening in either the Dormy House, the Bell or chez Jessop. 

The protagonists at the Bell were unable to avail themselves of any further refreshment at the hotel.  But Nicola Taylor was determined to sabotage the SUGS chances and so she persuaded the Crispin Inn across the road to serve them all one last pint for the road and six bottles of red to take back to the Bell. Nicola then mysteriously “mislaid” Jonny Calder’s car keys on Friday morning which meant Jonny needed to swap his usual pre-match routine of 100 balls on the range for the more customary trot to the first tee and the ritual of tying ones shoelaces going down the opening hole.  In scenes reminiscent of Rory McIlroy at Medinah, Jonny retained his composure to come home with a valuable point on the Friday morning alongside Captain Simmonds.  Gordon had played in the inaugural fixture of this match back in 1988 at Luffness.

The same could not be said for Sandy Farmer who had seemingly handled the night well and was up and about even finding time to send the odd work email before falling back asleep – the transition from the Bell hotel to the 10th tee in less than 20 mins was impressive, but going 5 down after 5 was always going to be a tough place to come back from and Sandy and Simon ultimately succumbed to the formidable pairing of Nick Holt and Joe Park.

Sam Campbell and the evergreen Hugh Maurice prevailed against Ewan Cameron and Dave Greenshields.  And Nick Kershaw and Nicola Taylor triumphed over Andrew Jessop and Fraser McCluskey.  Not only had Nicola successfully handicapped the SUGS in the Bell, but she backed it up with a winning point.  Nick’s brother “Porky” had sent a nice note to the SUGS that read:  “Whilst I think I could easily beat all of the SUGS standing on one leg, my doctors and physio don’t recommend it.”  We wish Porky well with his recovery from a badly broken leg.

Speaking of injured golfers, I speak for us all when I say how delighted we were to see Neil Falconer returning to golf fit and well.  Neil gave us one heck of a fright late last summer when he fell off a cliff in a terrible accident and so we were all thrilled he was back playing, seemingly with few ill effects.  That delight did not last long though as Neil contributed 2 points for the LUGS during the course of the day, defeating the SUGS golfing authors of Mike Morrison and Iain Crawford in the morning.  Iain had spent an enjoyable few hours with the Royal St George’s club archivist Chris Cagney on the Thursday looking through the records for evidence and tails of Dougie Rolland who played in a few matches at Sandwich and whose photos adorns the walls in the club changing rooms.

Thankfully for the SUGS our opening pair of Anthony Shields and Norman Boase Putter winner, Callum Connacher, prevailed to give the slightest glimmer of hope for the SUGS as they turned at lunch 4-2 down. 

In the afternoon Captain Dennis thought he had found the winning formula keeping Nick Kershaw and Nicola Taylor together – a pair that seemed to have the rapport and feel of Molinari and Fleetwood.  But his confidence was misfounded as Nicola and Nick went down to Dave Greenshields and Mike Morrison.

With Callum and Simon prevailing over Hugh and Sean and the Edinburgh University alumni pairing of Shields and Jessop also overcoming Nick Holt and Alex Mogdill there was some real blue on the board early and the SUGS tails were up.  Shields not having to putt on 6 for birdie or on 7 for eagle probably helped them as well as his dirty little chip which finished stone dead on 13 to steal the hole.

Ewan Cameron and Sandy Farmer prevailed to ensure the SUGS retained the Falconer ball but we needed half a point for the outright victory.  Sam Campbell and Joe Park fought valiantly until the end wining the last two holes for an honourable half with Calder and Crawford, but a half point was enough to see the SUGS over the line in a come-back win which was to be happily replicated on the Sat at Twickenham with Scotland prevailing 29-23.  Fraser and Gordon did go down in the final match against Neil Falconer and Jimmy Bull but that was not enough to stop the SUGS cementing 10 victories in a row.

The hospitality at Sandwich was as good as ever.  We were looked after very well by all concerned but special thanks to Clive the new Chef who has stepped into George’s shoes following George’s retirement and is doing a grand job.  The course was in as good condition as we have seen it for a while, with the greens running true and relatively fast for the time of year on a glorious day for winter golf.

The Friday evening was notable for Andrew Jessop donating a permanent trophy for the fixture to be presented alongside the original Falconer Ball.  Thanks were given to Iain and Fraser for helping with the commissioning of the trophy which was made by Kirkwood’s in Edinburgh.  The trophy is a silver replica of the Falconer Ball mounted on a base with all the results engraved from prior fixtures with the venue, the winning team and the score. Tremendous speeches were given by Messrs Falconer and our very own captain Gordon Simmonds before Ewan encouraged Callum as the only debutante to tell us a wee bit about himself which he did with great aplomb given that it was sprung upon him.  The night then ended with Ewan’s well fabled Wee Doc & Doris rendition before we retired after a memorable day.

Special thanks to Nigel Watt for making the herculean drive south to watch the fixture as President and for taking the two Falconer Balls home to their rightful place north of the border. We look forward to reconvening hopefully at Muirfield next year.

Click here for photos from the match

Morning Foursomes (LUGS names first)
1) Felix Bottomley & Jimmy Bull lost to Callum Connacher & Anthony Shields
2) Joe Park & Nick Holt beat Sandy Farmer & Simon Holt
3) Sam Campbell & Hugh Maurice beat Ewan Cameron & Dave Greenshields
4) Alex Mogdill & John Dennis lost to Gordon Simmonds & Jonny Calder
5) Neil Falconer & Sean Dryden beat Iain Crawford & Mike Morrison
6) Nick Kershaw & Nicola Taylor beat Fraser McCluskey & Andrew Jessop


AM Result: LUGS 4 - 2 SUGS

Afternoon Foursomes (LUGS names first)
1) Hugh Maurice & Sean Dryden lost to Callum Connacher & Simon Holt
2) Nick Kershaw & Nicola Taylor lost to Dave Greenshields & Mike Morrison
3) Alex Mogdill & Nick Holt lost to Andrew Jessop & Anthony Shields
4) Joe Park & Sam Campbell halved with Jonny Calder & Iain Crawford
5) John Dennis & Felix Bottomley lost to Ewan Cameron & Sandy Farmer
6) Neil Falconer & Jimmy Bull beat Gordon Simmonds & Fraser McCluskey


PM Result: LUGS 1½ - 4½ SUGS

Overall Result: LUGS 5½ - 6½ SUGS

SUGS v Heriot Watt University - Gullane No 2 - Sunday 26 February 2023

Results (SUGS names first)
1) Kenneth Mackay & Mark Kernaghan halved with Kyle Perkins & Scott Liddle
2) Gordon Simmonds & Andrew Thomson beat Cameron Spencer & Martin Sanderber by 2 holes
3) Phil Prichett & Andy Pendry beat Tommy Raynard & Lewis Ross by 2&1
4) Iain Galbraith & Andrew Cunningham beat Lewis Cheetham & Sebastian Smith by 3&2

Match Result: SUGS 3½ - ½ Heriot Watt University


SUGS v Aberdeen University - Royal Aberdeen GC - Sunday 5 March 2023











A very close fixture which could have gone either way. In the end it all came down to Game 4, and a superb sand save for par at the 18th from the front left bunker which the SUGS pairing of Giffin and Thomson could not match gave the students a slim victory.

Results (SUGS names first)

1) Cameron Black & Alasdair McLeish beat Andrew Purdie & Keiran McMillan by 1 hole

2) Steve Judge & Alastair Morgan lost to John Lomas & Gregor Lomond by 2&1

3) Duncan Martin & Lee Coulter lost to Steven Pears and Callum Leeson by 1 hole

4) David Giffin & Andrew Thomson lost to D'Artagnan Voegt & Matthew Jacques by 1 hole

5) Jack Keating & Gordon Simmonds beat Curtis Stephen & George Hilton-Rhind by 2&1

Match Result: SUGS 2 - 3 Aberdeen University


SUGS v Strathclyde University - Western Gailes GC - Sunday 19 March 2023

On a suspiciously calm Sunday morning at the fabulous Western Gailes Golf Club, the morning started with the SUGS team wondering if they would have a full complement of players after a last minute call off the night before. However, just as the clock was ticking towards the first tee time, the day was saved as the 12th man, Ben Gibson, who had only agreed to play in the match the night before after a few sherries, walked through the door. After a few welcome drinks in the clubhouse, two strong 12-a-side teams went out to do battle on the links.


The first match of the day saw the rematch of the family feud that took place last year between Kenny McKay and his nephew Daniel Norris. Last year, Kenny managed to get the best of his young nephew but this seemed to only anger the bear, as Daniel managed to avenge last year with a 3/2 victory. With next year being Daniel’s final year of University, the trilogy shall come to the end with the winner taking the family bragging rights.


The next two matches went in the way of SUGS, with Al Pugh and the match captain combining for a better ball 7 under to win the second match of the day. However, Mr Pugh was still not happy that the students weren’t dispatched of ‘While still facing Troon’. The third game saw the ‘Young Bucks’ of SUGS claim a comfortable 2 and 1 victory and leave SUGS 2-1 up at the half way stage.

However, the tide started to turn and it started to look ominous for SUGS. A fantastic birdie 2 from Andrew McCrone on the 13th hole was only enough to prevent defeat arriving before turning back towards the clubhouse and the students went on to record a 5 and 4 victory. This was then followed by another student victory in the 5th match, where the pre-match pint of Guinness was not enough to cure Ben’s St Patrick’s Day hangover and himself alongside Phil Pritchett, fell to a 3 and 2 defeat from one of Strathclyde’s mature students who hailed from Milwaukie with some dubious choice of footwear (image below).


This put the students into a 3 to 2 lead with the final match still to come in. After watching the Guinness and red wine flow before their game, there wasn’t much confidence in Captain Simmonds and the SUGS stalwart Andrew Biggart from their fellow SUGS. When both walked into the dining room they held everyone’s attention and by the Cheshire cat grins on their faces, it was known by everyone that they had saved the day for SUGS and the match captain who faced losing his first match in charge. Some solid playing from WGGC member Mr Biggart on the back 9 was enough to seal a 4 and 3 victory.


This left the match level at 3-3 and deserving half for both teams was the final result. The match was played in great spirits and it was fantastic to see so many enthusiastic students. The course and hospitality at Western Gailes could not have been faulted and SUGS looks forward greatly to returning next year.

























Results (SUGS names first)

1) Kenny McKay & Ian Galbraith lost to Craig Tart & Daniel Norris by 3&2
2) Callum Connacher & Al Pugh beat Nicholas Fagan & Ian Jamieson by 6&4
3) Rob Watson & Andrew Cunningham beat Alex Sutherland & Robbie Main by 2&1
4) Kenny Hunter & Andrew McCrone lost to Rudy Brown & Ben Patterson by 5&4
5) Phil Pritchett & Ben Gibson lost to Hugh Shields & Gary Guerin by 3&2
6) Gordon Simmonds & Andrew Biggart beat Callum Byres & Rory Curry by 4&3

Match Result: SUGS 3 - 3 Strathclyde University


SUGS v St Andrews University - St Andrews (Jubilee & Old) - Saturday 25 March 2023














AM Matches / Jubilee Course / Scratch Foursomes (SUGS names first)

1) Al Pugh & Alex Hill lost to Oscar Pringle & Alexander Reid by 3&2

2) Gordon Simmonds & Mark Kernaghan lost to Charlie Webb & Cameron Russell by 3&2

3) Fraser McCluskey (Match Captain) & Sandy Reid halved with Angus Rintoul (Captain) & Teddy Wallace

4) Simon Holt & Phil Pritchett lost to Luke Player & Fin Matheson by 2&1

5) Colin Steele & Daniel Pilley beat Ian McNaught & Marcus Thomson by 3&2

6) David Greenshields & Peter McCallum beat Adam Fotheringham & Ollie Brocklebank by 3&2

AM Result: SUGS 2½ - 3½ St Andrews University

PM Matches / Old Course / 4BBB Handicap (SUGS names first)

1) Mark Kernaghan & Alex Hill beat Angus Rintoul & Charlie Webb by 7&6

2) Sandy Reid & Phil Pritchett lost to Oscar Pringle & Ian McNaught by 3&2

3) Colin Steele & Gordon Simmonds halved with Luke Player & Marcus Thomson

4) Al Pugh & Fraser McCluskey halved with Alexander Reid & Ollie Brocklebank

5) David Greenshields & Simon Holt beat Cameron Russell & Teddy Wallace by 1 hole

6) Peter McCallum & Daniel Pilley beat Fin Matheson & Adam Fotheringham by 2&1

PM Result: SUGS 4 - 2 St Andrews University

Overall Result: SUGS 6½ - 5½ St Andrews University


SUGS v Dublin University GS (DUGS) - Prestwick GC - Friday 31 March 2023

AM Foursomes (SUGS names first)
1) Daniel Forbes & Sandy Reid lost to Darragh Coghlan & Jerome Counihan by 1 hole
2) David Simpson & Stuart Farmer halved with Johnny O'Driscoll & Barry Conway
3) Jack Nelson & Luke O'Sullivan lost to Sean Mulcahy & Andrew Stokes by 1 hole
4) Jonny Calder & Mark Kernaghan beat David Conway Jnr & Mark Murnane by 6&5
5) Charles Hammond & Robert McNutt beat Darragh Garrahy & Peter Fitzgerald by 4&3
6) Phil Pritchett & Noel Crilley lost to David Conway & Fran Quilty by 2&1


Result: SUGS 2½ - 3½ DUGS

PM Foursomes (SUGS names first)
1) David Simpson & Mark Kernaghan beat Darragh Coghlan & Andrew Stokes by 7&5
2) Sandy Reid & Luke O'Sullivan beat Johnny O'Driscoll & Huntly Lauder by 1 hole
3) Jonny Calder & Robert McNutt lost to Barry Conway & Sean Mulcahy by 2&1
4) Daniel Forbes & Noel Crilley lost to David Conway Jnr & Darragh Garrahy by 3&2
5) Jack Nelson & Stuart Farmer lost to Mark Murnane & Fran Quilty by 5&4
6) Phil Pritchett & Charles Hammond lost to David Conway & Jerome Counihan by 3&2

Result: SUGS 2 - 4 DUGS

Overall Result: SUGS 4½ - 7½ DUGS

Click here for photos from the match

SUGS Seniors v DUGS Seniors - Prestwick GC - Friday 31 March 2023

AM Foursomes (SUGS names first)
1) Iain Crawford & Keith Macintosh beat Gavin Caldwell & Andrew Bryce by 3&2
2) James Haggart & Nigel Watt lost to Huntly Lauder & Aidan Walsh by 5&4

PM Foursomes (SUGS names first)
1) Nigel Watt & Keith Macintosh lost to Gavin Caldwell & Ken Goodwin by 4&3
2) James Haggart & Iain Crawford beat Aidan Walsh & Andrew Bryce by 4&3

Result: SUGS Seniors 2 - 2 DUGS Seniors


Spring Meeting - Prestwick GC - Friday 31 March 2023

The forecast of light winds and a few light showers proved accurate, and the sun poked through the clouds to welcome thirty SUGS who had assembled for the day’s play at Prestwick GC. The Captain, Gordon Simmonds, struck a solid shot down the first fairway at exactly 08:00, and with our now customary two tee start, we were all on the course by 08:40.


A cursory review of the handicaps suggested that this would be a closely run competition, but this was not to be the case as one of the newest members produced a round that anyone would be proud of. Until the last few cards had been returned, scores were clustering in the low 70’s, with a 71 leading. Martin Friel’s gross 66 caused a frantic reassessment of the prize-winners in both the Braid/Purdie Trophy and the Thomson Quaich. Lee Coulter’s 69 (83-14), the final card to be submitted, did nothing for the Secretary’s blood pressure as the top placings were again recast.


Martin’s preparations were unconventional: having agreed to play just five days before the meeting, he travelled to Budapest for three days intensive ‘training’ and re-appeared in Scotland twenty-four hours before his tee time. Judging by his performance, many will now take a similar approach and the flights to the east will be overbooked next April. A ‘5’ did not appear on his card, and he stood on the 16th tee box two under par. His finish of three 3’s is a feat rarely achieved, and one which deserved to win any competition.


An excellent lunch was followed by a short speech from our Captain, when, with his unique grasp of SUGS history, he reminded us that this was the 25th Spring Meeting. It was a pleasure to look round the lunch table and see both those who had enjoyed many of these meetings, and those for whom this was their debut. Unsurprisingly, we were late to the tee for the afternoon’s social golf and a variety of formats were deployed, including a group who decided that the smoke room was the preferred spot after lunch.


An excellent day, exemplifying all that is good about our society; indeed ‘the pleasure of golf in familiar and congenial company’ described the day perfectly.


Baird Purdie Trophy (Scratch)

1) Martin Friel - 66

2) Ian Esselmont - 71

Thomson Quaich (Handicap)

1) Lee Coulter - 69 (83 less 14)

2) David Giffin - 73 (75 less 2)


Perthshire Pinehurst - Comrie GC - Sunday 21 May 2023

Another enjoyable day for the 16 golfers, accompanied by Rio (cocker spaniel) and Polly (collie). Sadly the weather was a little damp, indeed probably the worst day during the 2nd half of May which was otherwise warm and sunny! No sides were required, with the emphasis on informal, relaxed, and friendly but competitive Pinehurst Foursomes, followed by a BBQ in the Comrie clubhouse. Same forumula for 2024, but with sunshine!


1) Bobby Watson & Colin Steele beat Andrew Biggart & Colin Christy by 2&1
2) Mike Reid & Charles Hammond halved with Andrew Thomson & Scott Stewart
3) Richard Muckart & Phil Pritchett lost to Mike Mullins & Dave Greenshields by 4&3
4) Nigel Watt & Robin Duncan beat Joanne Watt & Craig Cameron by 3&2


SUGS v Midlothian Ladies - Gullane No 2 - Friday 26 May 2023

A very pleasant summer's evening for this fixture, which remarkably was a first for SUGS Captain and author of the SUGS Centenary History, Gordon Simmonds. An overall win for MCLGA did not reflect the close nature of 3 of the 4 matches, which could have gone either way. It did however, point to a fair allocation of shots under WHS, despite misgivings in certain quarters! Post match refreshments were taken in the Gullane Links Clubhouse, where GGS warmly congratulated Karen Marshall, representing MCLGA, on their victory, regaining the "Stags" trophy.


Results (SUGS names first)

1) Gordon Simmonds & Mark Kernaghan lost to Wendy Nicholson & Katie Mackenzie by 2&1
2) Alasdair McLeish & David Anderson beat Lucy Morrison & Ailsa Cackett by 4&3
3) Andrew Thomson & Richard Muckart lost to Karen Marshall & Grace Cannon by 2 holes
4) Kenny McKay & Nigel Watt lost to Fiona Wait & Lucy Fraser by 1 hole

Result: SUGS 1 - 3 MCLGA


SUGS v Tantallon GC - North Berwick West Links - Saturday 10 June 2023

With much grace, shouldering clubs, donned in jacket and SUGS tie, Daniel Forbes glided from platform 14 where his Glasgow service arrived at 11.34; only to join Messers Holt, Hindmarsh, Watson Jnr, Finlay and Connacher on the 11.40 train from Waverley to North Berwick.  It is with confidence we can assume our SUGS ancestors would have been equally adept at time keeping back in 1907, when surely, they too, travelled by train to play our society’s first ever match? I can only hope they were equally refreshed, as records can neither confirm or deny the existence of Marks and Spencer on the platform over a century ago…..

The aforementioned were joined at Tantallon clubhouse by teammates McClusky, McNutt, Coulter and Vice-Captain Cameron for a summer lunch with our kind hosts for the day.  Stories of matches gone by were tossed around as liberally as the sauvignon blanc, until Coulter and McNutt led us in to battle.


1) Lee Coulter and Robert McNutt beat Robin McPherson and Angus Reid 1UP

In an extremely tight match where no side were more than 1 up, Reid’s putting was a constant thorn in SUGS side; 2 putting from anywhere on or off the green.  SUGS were 1 down on the 16th, until McNutt holed a 20-foot snake from off the green – birdie delivered, A/S on 17. Coulter played his part with a towering 3 wood into a stiffening easterly on the brutish 17th, to move the SUGS 1 up going to the last. Coulter, in a unashamed attempt to receive an invite back from our hosts, carved his drive into the car park on 18 – which McNutt duly followed but somewhat fortuitously stayed in bounds by a matter of inches.  A scrappy 4 and a 1up win, the result.


2) Callum Connacher and Daniel Forbes beat Neil Orr and Alan Herd 3&2

Highlights of the round included Connacher frightening the hole (and his wallet) for an ace on the 6th, the 420 (apologies – I’ve been corrected to 430) yard drive by Forbes on the par 5 8th hole, and a fine 2 into the wind by Neil Orr on Redan.

In a far less fraught match than the opener, Connacher and Forbes proved too strong for the former Hibs and West Ham defender and his partner.  SUGS 4up through 6, a margin that rarely deminished, with handshakes on 16.


3) Robert Watson Jnr and Ross Finlay beat Scott Young and Alan Waite 2&1

In what was another tight affair, SUGS managed to take a 1up lead prior to turning into the stiff breeze, which was quickly doubled by a birdie 2 from Finlay on the par 3 10th. Despite being clawed back to just 1up, a birdie 3 over the hill on the 14th for Watson enabled SUGS to regain control of the match, leading to an eventual 2&1 victory


4) Stefan Hindmarsh and Simon Holt beat Stephen Govenlock and Caelan Pugh 2&1

In a hard-fought match, local swing coach Stephen Govenlock put down his SUGS tie to peg it up for his home club, Tantallon.  Playing some quite superb golf, and ably supported by Pugh, they raced to a 2up lead that the SUGS pair found hard to hold onto.

Some fine ball striking from Hindmarch, coupled with some gritty putting from Holt, resulted in the match making the turn all square.  As the wind increased, SUGS managed to stay the course and dovetail nicely to finish out with a smart 4 on 17.


5) Fraser McClusky and Ewan Cameron beat James Laing and Phil Hare 2&1

In a well fought match, SUGS managed to get to 3 up through 10 but were pegged back to 1 up after 14.  A half in 2 at Redan was the highlight of the match before SUGS won 16 to go dormy 2 up.  Cameron sealed the win with a fine 4 on 17. 

Overall Result: SUGS 5 - 0 Tantallon GC

The après golf consisted of the infamous Tantallon Salad, with ample rehydration to ensure those on the train back to Edinburgh were well aware of the day's events. Another fine day out on the storied West Links.


SUGS v Rye GC - Rye - Saturday 29 July 2023

A very enjoyable match against Rye in pleasant sunshine but strong afternoon winds. SUGS got off to a flier leading the morning matches 4-1. After the usual leisurely lunch in this fixture, we returned to the course where the members took the opening 2 foursomes. Ironically, the overall match came down to the final putt by JC, wearing Rye colours for the day. The 12 footer sliding past the edge securing overall victory for SUGS by 5.5-4.5 - probably my best SUGS contribution of the year! 😂 It was the first SUGS event for Charlie Webb and Isaac Turner who are recent St Andrews graduates. Johnny Brewer kindly hosting a few of the travelling SUGS for an informal game at Sunningdale the following day to round off the weekend.


AM Foursomes (Rye GC names first)
1) Jamie Richards & Joe Phillips lost to Mike Howard & Sandy Phillips
2) Huw Phillips & Jonny Calder lost to Finlay Hutchison & Charlie Webb
3) Emmanuel Schlumberger & Clive Pickerill lost to Isaac Turner & John Bisset
4) Tom Barker & Jonathan Brewer beat Robert Hutton & Jonny Palmer
5) Adrian West & Robert Mann lost to Andy Landsburgh & Alex Hill

AM Result: Rye GC 1 - 4 SUGS

PM Foursomes (Rye GC names first)
1) Jamie Richards & Huw Phillips beat Alex Hill & Isaac Turner
2) Jonathan Brewer & Joe Phillips beat Jonny Palmer & Finlay Hutchison
3) Tom Barker & Jonny Calder halved with Andy Landsburgh & John Bisset
4) Robert Mann & Emmanuel Schlumberger lost to Mike Howard & Charlie Webb
5) Adrian West & Clive Pickerill beat Sandy Phillips & Robert Hutton 

PM Result: Rye GC 3½ - 1½ SUGS 

Overall Result: Rye GC 4½ - 5½ SUGS 


SUGS v St Andrews SUGS - St Andrews (Jubilee) - Sunday 20 August 2023

Following a first-class dinner on Saturday evening in R&A Forgan House, attended by 18 players, the match was played on the Jubilee Course in fine weather, the result St. Andrews SUGS in fine form regained the GUR Trophy, details below. 


Results (SUGS names first)

1) Steve Govenlock & Doug Reid lost to Murray Drummond & Sandy Reid by 4&3 
2) Mike Reid & Andrew Thomson lost to John Hall & Fraser Downie by 2&1 
3) Keith Macintosh & Phil Pritchett lost to Alexander Reid & Hamish Phillips by 3&2
4) Fraser McCluskey & Mark Kernaghan lost to Alastair Russell & Ian Kerr by 1 hole
5) Bobby Watson & Gordon Simmonds beat Mike Todd & Robert McNutt by 2&1​

Match Result: SUGS 1 - 4 St Andrews SUGS


SUGS v Gullane GC - Gullane No 1 - Sunday 3 September 2023

Foursomes Results (SUGS names first)

1) Andrew Thomson & Phil Pritchett beat Alan Williams & Simon Cunningham
2) Daniel Forbes & Mark Kernaghan beat Gabriele Salucci & John Garden
3) David Giffin & Martin Friel lost to Gus Wilson & Roddy Stevenson
4) Lee Coulter & Nigel Watt lost to Paul Craigs & Mike Corrie
5) John Hall & Andy Pendry lost to Philip Eves & Stephen Lindsey

Match Result: SUGS 2 - 3 GGC


SUGS v Queens University Golfing Society (QUGS) - Gullane No 1 & Muirfield - Friday 29 & Saturday 30 September 2023

Friday 29 September
AM Foursomes / Gullane No 1 (SUGS names first)

1) Elliott Smith & Daniel Forbes beat Peter Greene & Dan Graham by 3&2
2) Angus Carrick & Jonathan Canning halved Al Dick & Adam Brown
3) David Simpson & Mark Kernaghan beat Ben Brennan & Gregg Sterrit by 3&2
4) Gordon Simmonds & Simon Holt beat Brian Fleming & Jordan Graham by 1 hole
5) Colin Dempster & Matt Bentley beat Mike Graham & Micky Curran by 3&2
6) Ewan Cameron & Colin Steele beat Michael Dorrity & Johnny McDowell by 3&2
7) Kenny McKay & David Fleming lost to Nigel Canning & John Doran by 2&1
8) Tim Pakenham & Charles Hammond beat Andy Dick & Ian Young by 1 hole


Result: SUGS 6½ - 1½ QUGS

PM Foursomes / Gullane No 1 (SUGS names first)    
1) Elliot Smith & Simon Holt lost to Mike Graham & Jordan Graham by 7&6
2) Mark Kernaghan & Daniel Forbes lost to Adam Brown & Ben Brennan by 1 hole
3) Ewan Cameron & David Simpson lost to Peter Greene & Dan Graham by 2&1
4) Matt Bentley & Charles Hammond lost to Al Dick & Gregg Sterrrit by 3&2
5) Gordon Simmonds & Angus Carrick beat Andy Dick & Nigel Canning by 3&2
6) Colin Steele & Jonathan Canning halved with Micky Curran & Michael Dorrity
7) Colin Dempster & David Fleming lost to Ian Young & Brian Fleming by 3&2
8) Tim Pakenham & Kenny McKay beat John Doran & Johnny McDowell by 4&3


Result: SUGS 2½ - 5½ QUGS

Day 1 Result: SUGS 9 - 7 QUGS

Saturday 30 September
AM Foursomes / Muirfield (SUGS names first)

1) Colin Dempster & Gordon Simmonds halved with Peter Greene & Johnny McDowell 
2) Keith McCall & Colin Steele lost to Brian Fleming & Michael Dorrity
3) Alan Williams & Kenny McKay lost to Micky Curran & Ian Young
4) Tim Edward & Jonathan Canning lost to Andy Smith & Andy Dick
5) Sandy Gray & David Fleming beat Mike Graham & Nigel Canning
6) Bruce Dunlop & Ewan Cameron beat Ben Brennan & Dan Graham
7) Duncan Low & David Simpson lost to Adam Brown & Jordan Graham
8) David Hutchison & Simon Holt lost to Gregg Sterrit & John Doran
Result: SUGS 2½ - 5½ QUGS
PM Foursomes / Muirfield (SUGS names first)
1) Duncan Low & Kenny McKay beat Peter Greene & Nigel Canning by 6&5
2) Sandy Gray & Gordon Simmonds beat Brian Fleming & Jonny McDowell by 3&2
3) Keith McCall & David Fleming beat Gregg Sterrit & Mike Graham by 3&2
4) Alan Williams & Jonathan Canning beat Ian Young & Michael Dorrity by 6&5
5) Colin Dempster & Simon Holt lost to Andy Dick & John Doran by 4&3
6) Bruce Dunlop & David Simpson lost to Ben Brennan & Jordan Graham by 3&2
7) David Hutchison & Ewan Cameron beat Adam Brown & Dan Graham by 4&3
8) Tim Edward & Colin Steele lost to Micky Curran & Andy Smith by 1 hole

Result: SUGS 5 - 3 QUGS

Day 2 Result: SUGS 7½ - 8½ QUGS

Overall Result: SUGS 16½ - 15½ QUGS

QUGS Captain Ian Young presents the Willie Park Putter to SUGS Captain Gordon Simmonds


SUGS Seniors v QUGS Seniors - Muirfield & Gullane - Thursday 28 September to Saturday 30 September 2023

Day 1 - Muirfield - Foursomes Results (SUGS names first)

1) James Bryce & Andrew Thomson lost to Tim Browne & Peter DIck by 1 hole
2) David Anderson & Andy Pendry lost to Ian Dick & Alan Irwin by 2&1

Day 2 - Gullane No 2 - Fourballs Results (SUGS names first)

1) David Anderson & Andrew Thomson lost to Peter Dick & Alan Irwin by 5&4

2) Drew McCrone & Nigel Watt lost to Tim Browne & Craig Cameron by 4&3

Day 3 - Gullane

1) David Anderson & Robin Duncan lost to Tim Browne & Alan Irwin by 1 hole (Gullane No 1)

2) Nigel Watt & Iain Crawford beat Ian Dick & Peter Dick (Gullane No 3)

Match Result: SUGS Seniors 1 - 5 QUGS Seniors


SUGS v Luffness New GC - Luffness - Sunday 8 October 2023

Foursomes Results (SUGS names first)

1) Gordon Simmonds & Iain Crawford lost to Peter Grant & Keith Yuille

2) Callum Connacher & Mark Kernaghan halved with Tom Cannon & Graeme Johnson

3) Mike Reid & Robert McNutt halved with Alastair Milne & Hamish Phillips

4) Ross Finlay & Jack Keating halved with John Smith & Andrew Weir

5) Drew McCrone & Alan Waite beat Derek Henderson & Ray Kelleher

6) Richard Muckhart & Lee Coulter beat Stephen Mackenzie & Stuart Graham

Result: SUGS 3½ - 2½ Luffness New GC


SUGS v Dundee University - Scotscraig GC - Sunday 15 October 2023

Results (SUGS names first)
1) Gordon Simmonds & Robert McNutt beat Billy Chester & Adam Hall by 3&2
2) Bobby Watson & David Griffin halved with Cameron Rankin & Gregor Warren
3) Stuart Farmer & Alex Room halved with Sam Hall & Elena Kelleher
4) Mike Mullins & Ian Esslemont lost to Jamie Napier & Andy Hale by 3&2
5) Steve Judge & Jack Rogan beat Paddy Norris & Jordan Whitelaw by 2&1


Result: SUGS 3 - 2 Dundee University


Autumn Meeting - Gullane No 1 & 2 - Saturday 28 October 2023

Aside from a nasty 40 minute squall on Gullane Hill mid morning, the weather gods for once dealt us a decent hand with a largely sunny day combined with a testing easterly wind which made the back 9's pretty tough. The scoring in the Boase Putter on no.2 in the morning was noteworthy for a gross 67 from Martin Friel which remarkably was bettered by a 66 from David Simpson...containing eight 3's!!. Exceptional golf.   

Norman Boase Putter
1) Martin Friel - 70 scratch stableford points (B2R)
2) David Simpson - 70 scratch stableford points

R S Sloan Trophy
1) Mark Kernaghan - 34 scratch stableford points (BB9)
2) Duncan Martin - 34 scratch stableford points


CR Duncan Leeds Trophy
1) Sandy Gray - 37 net stableford points
2) Duncan Martin - 36 net stableford points


Seniors Salver
1) Sandy Gray - 37 net stableford points
2) Bobby Watson - 35 net stableford points

SUGS v Edinburgh University - Gullane No 2 - Saturday 4 November 2023

The hundredth match between SUGS and Edinburgh University was played under blue skies and in good spirits. The top match was a tight encounter that came down to the final green. Isabella holed a 25-foot birdie putt which SUGS were unable to match, giving the university an early lead. Iain Esslemont and Gregor Miller also went down the last, managing to grind out a gutsy half.


In Match 3, James and John were -2 when the game came to an early close. Young Lewis Seath was exceptional by all accounts. Tim transferred his knowledge of SUGS to the recently appointed secretary whilst also playing brilliant golf. After the opposition narrowly missed chipping in on 18, he holed a nerveless 4-footer to ensure the match finished all square. Out back, the experienced pairing of Phil Pritchett and Andrew Cunningham proved too strong for their counterparts, romping home in comfortable fashion.


A late lunch in the clubhouse was enjoyed by all. Ewan reminded the students of the fixture’s remarkable history before graciously awarding EUGC President, Toby McCandless, with the trophy. The students celebrated in style, tucking into the kümmel as the light faded. All in all, serious fun!

Fourball Results (SUGS names first)

1) Ewan Cameron & Al Pugh lost to Toby McCandless & Isabella Holmes by 1 hole
2) Gregor Miller & Iain Esslemont halved with Hugh Myers & Freddie Fearn
3) James Cameron & John Bisset lost to Callum Docherty & Lewis Seath by 4&3
4) Tim Pakenham & Jack Keating halved with Calum Ross & Finlay Paterson
5) Phil Pritchett & Andrew Cunningham beat Jamie Lawson & Thomas Petrocelli by 3&2


Match Result: SUGS 2 - 3 Edinburgh University GC

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