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Heriot Watt University - Gullane - 12 February 2017

The match was played in dry but very windy conditions - the 17th green on No 2 being a stretch target to reach in 2 shots for most. In match 2, Greenshields (partnering the Captain and 1 down standing on the 18th tee) commented that he had never lost a match to student opposition on No 2. In true style, his approach finished 4 feet from the hole, and the resultant putt holed for a winning birdie to ensure a halved match. Never underestimate Dr G!



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Stephen Carruthers & Graham Barr beat Murray Paterson & Chris Kelso by 6&5
2) Andrew Thomson & David Greenshields halved with Tom Humphrey & Kegan Brewin
3) Phil Pritchett & Jack Nelson halved with Alan Paton & Joe Halfpenny
4) Andrew McCrone & Peter Grant beat Ben Lavin & Andrew Shaw by 3 & 2


Match Result: SUGS 3 - 1 Heriot Watt University

Strathclyde University - Western Gailes - 26 February 2017

Not played due to poor weather.

London University GS - Royal St Georges - 10 March 2017

The first "major" encounter of 2017. Having caught a morning flight down to Heathrow the day prior to the match, the negotiation skills of SR & AT were stretched at the Avis desk when it became apparent that the reserved Ford Mondeo (pre-requisite: a car with a big boot to accommodate 3 x sets of clubs) was not available, and a Mercedes C Class, while classy, was not up to the job. A very nice Audi A6 estate was available, but at a cost! However, the Scots held firm and in due course the Audi was secured at a sizeable discount. From Heathrow, it was a quick trip to Richmond to collect Fraser who had flown down the previous day, and thence to Walton Heath, where Hugh Maurice very kindly hosted a game over the New Course. The sun was out, and golf in shirt sleeves was possible for some of the round. Thereafter, the sat-nav was programmed for RSG where our gear was deposited in the Dormy House, prior to a pre match dinner in the George and Dragon with the LUGS.

Friday morning dawned fair with a steady breeze - perfect golfing conditions. SUGS went into lunch with a 2 point advantage; the Captain was relieved to have got a point on the board, thanks to some very steady play from Mr Neal. Conditions were similar in the afternoon, but on this occasion the Captain, playing in the Shoe Shine match, finished up with a silver medal. And for the record, it is true that he and Mr Kernaghan were 4 up with 8 to play! LUGS holed a very good putt from outside SUGS for par on the 11th, and birdied the 12th to go only 2 down (Falconer's putting woes were deserted following a rallying cry of "Who am I? I'm Jordan Speith!"). SUGS were still 2 up with 3 to play. A par was good enough for LUGS to win the 16th, and after 2 excellent shots, LUGS were 15 feet from the pin in 2 on the 17th. The SUGS ball was on the fringe but a long distance from the hole, and an up and down proved too much. All square playing the last, Porky hit a stunning 2nd shot with a rescue club onto 5'. The SUGS ball ended up in Duncan's Hollow, leaving a tricky up and down. This was not over...much to the very restrained delight of LUGS Captain Falconer who had been on the receiving end of Shoe Shine matches in the past. Fortunately for SUGS, it was only game over, and not match over!

A wonderful dinner was held in the RSG clubhouse, followed by some shoe shining (photographed for posterity), and a combined boat race / umbrella game (won by SUGS). As ever, a superb fixture, and my thanks both to LUGS for their legendary hospitality and companionship, and to SUGS for retaining the Falconer Ball.



Morning Foursomes (SUGS names first)

1) Anthony Shields & Simon Holt beat Nick Kershaw & George Yeandle
2) Ewan Cameron & Gordon Forster lost to Hugh Maurice & Alastair Wells
3) Mike Morrison & Fraser McCluskey lost to Gorm Neilson & Jeremy Smith
4) Andrew Jessop & Roddy Forgie beat Neil Falconer & Nicola Taylor
5) Andrew Thomson & Peter Neal beat Ian Hedley & Mike Kershaw
6) Sandy Reid & Mark Kernaghan beat John Dennis & James Bull


Morning Result: SUGS 4 - 2 LUGS


Afternoon Foursomes (SUGS names first)

1) Gordon Foster & Fraser McCluskey beat Alastair Wells & Gorm Neilson
2) Roddy Forgie & Ewan Cameron beat Hugh Maurice & George Yeandle
3) Anthony Shields & Peter Neal beat Nick Kershaw & Jeremy smith
4) Andrew Jessop & Simon Holt halved with Iain Hedley & John Dennis
5) Sandy Reid & Mike Morrison lost to Jimmy Bull & Nicola Taylor
6) Mark Kernaghan & Andrew Thomson lost to Mike Kershaw v Neil Falconer


Afternoon Result: SUGS 3½ - 2½ LUGS


Match Result: SUGS 7½ - 4½ LUGS

Aberdeen University - Royal Aberdeen - 19 March 2017

A day that could reasonably be described as balmy - warm, sunny and a light southerly breeze, not what one might expect for mid March in Aberdeen, although those playing in Match 4 who got caught out in heavy shower coming up the 18th might disagree. As for the result - a comfortable win for the students, although 2 matches went to the 18th. In the first game, Thomson and Nelson (combined handicaps 11) were 2up at the turn against Mulholland and Paterson (combined handicaps 0), but the students responded with back to back birdies to be all square after 11. The match was still level on the 18th tee, but a solid par 4 from Mulholland was enough to earn a point. It was left to Shaun George and Peter Grant in match 4 to spare SUGS blushes and earn a half point, thus avoiding a whitewash. We can only hope for better luck next year...



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Andrew Thomson & Jack Nelson lost to Andrew Mulholland & Rob Paterson by 1 hole
2) Martin Duncan & Ross McNeill lost to Kieran Moran & Jack Kenting by 4&3
3) Neil Gordon & Alastair Morgan lost to John Bisset & George Porton by 3&1
4) Shaun George & Peter Grant halved with Drew McIntosh & Michael Boddie


Match Result: SUGS ½ - 3½ Aberdeen University

Dublin University GS - Prestwick - 24 March 2017

General comments, points of interest: Sandy Reid again thought “he got away with it”. JH

Morning foursomes (SUGS names first)

1) Graham Belch & Nicky Gold beat Darragh Coghlan & Jerome Counihan 3&2
2) Sandy Reid & David Simpson beat Michael Brett & David Conway 1up
3) Dougie Hunter & Keith Macintosh beat Matt Fleury & Mark Murnane 3&2
4) Bobby Watson & Jim Christie beat Dougie Heather & Andrew Stokes 4&3
5) Jonny Calder & Bob Robertson lost to David Conway Jr & John Kenn 4&3
6) Stuart Farmer & Mark Kernaghan lost to Fran Quilty & Huntly Lauder 4&3

Morning Result: SUGS 5 - 1 DUGS

Afternoon foursomes (SUGS names first)

1) Dougie Hunter & Nicky Gold beat Michael Brett & Matt Fleury 1up
2) Graham Belch & Sandy Reid lost to Darragh Coghlan & Andrew Stokes 7&6
3) David Simpson & Jonny Calder lost to David Conway & Jerome Counihan 5&4
4) Jim Christie & Bob Robertson halved with Mark Murnane & John Kenny
5) Andrew Thomsson & Keith Macintosh lost David Conway Jr & Fran Quilty 6&5
6) Bobby Watson & Mark Kernaghan beat Dougie Heather & Aedan Jameson 4&3

Afternoon Result: SUGS 2½ - 3½ DUGS

Match Result: SUGS 7½ - 4½ DUGS

DUGS Seniors - Prestwick - 24 March 2017

General comments, points of interest: John Morrison kindly agreed to play for DUGS as a result of Gavin’s late withdrawl, but lunched perhaps too well…. JH

Morning foursomes (SUGS names first)

1) Andrew Thomsson & Niall Farquharson beat David Fleury & Conor O’Brien 3&2
2) Ian Smith & Charlie Crummey lost to Aedan Jameson & John Morrison (sub) 3&1
3) James Haggart & Norman McClean beat Peter Pigot & Brian Dunnion 3&2

Afternoon foursomes (SUGS names first)

1) Stuart Farmer & Ian Smith beat Huntly Lauder & John Morrision (sub) 6&5
2) Niall Farquharson & James Haggart lost to Conor O’Brien & Brian Dunnion 1up
3) Charlie Crummey & Mike Browne beat Peter Pigot & David Fleury 4&3

Match Result SUGS 4 - 2 DUGS

St Andrews University - St Andrews - 25 March 2017

Morning foursomes (SUGS names first)

1) Colin Steele & Richard Muckart beat Ruairi Keeley & Ben Proos 3&2
2) David Greenshields & Alex Room beat Soham Shah & Martin Volker 3&2
3) Scott Findlay & Michael Choong beat James Braby & Josh Hopkins 4&3
4) Simon Holt & Ned Fox halved with Harry Blake & Rory Lindsay-Brown
5) John Tully-Jackson & Angus Watson lost to George Apel & Peter Eaton 3&2
6) Tim Pakenham & Kenneth McKay beat George Colleran & Jordan Leigh 2&1

Morning result SUGS 4½ - 1½ St Andrews University

Afternoon foursomes (SUGS names first)

1) Colin Steele & Alex Room beat James Braby & Martin Volker 4&3
2) David Greenshields & Ned Fox beat Soham Shah & Jordan Leigh 3&2
3) Simon Holt & Michael Choong beat George Colleran & Josh Hopkins 7&5
4) Scott Findlay & Angus Watson beat George Apel & Rory Lindsay-Brown 4&3
5) Richard Muckart & Kenneth McKay halved with Harry Blake & Peter Eaton
6) John Tully-Jackson & Tim Pakenham lost to Ruairi Keeley & Ben Proos 3&2

Afternoon result SUGS 4½ - 1½ St Andrews University


Match result SUGS 9 - 3 St Andrews University

Glasgow University - Glasgow Gailes - 2 April 2017

The standard of golf was excellent, on a sunny day on the west coast where Glasgow University took the spoils in a close match. JM

1) Graham Barr & Andrew Thomson lost to  Peter Hasson & Michael Henderson 3&2
2) Nicky Gold & Phil Pritchett beat Ben Davies & Craig Gill 4&3
3) Peter Grant & Neil Gordon lost to Daniel Forbes & Lyle Robertson 4&2
4) Charles Hammond & Alistair Pugh beat Paul Delaney & Dara Mcgreevy 4&3
5) Jack Nelson & Jak Muir lost to Matthew McAnaw & Shane McKenna 5&4


Match Result: SUGS 3 - 2 Glasgow University

Spring Meeting - Prestwick - 7 May 2017

Neil Gordon triumphed in glorious sunshine where the only plausible excuse for poor play was one of; dehydration, glare or sun burn. Neil managed to cope well with all to bring home a fine score around a Prestwick layout which was set up in full competition mode with high rough and slick greens. Andrew Gray triumphed in the Thomson Quaich and certainly dined out on his success over lunch.

Post lunch foursomes + anchor sixsome will be remembered by some more than others, bring on 2018.


Baird Purdie Trophy:

1) Neil Gordon – 76
2) Al Pugh – 79


Thomson Quaich:

1) Andrew Gray – Net 72
2) Robin Duncan - Net 74

CSS 75

Midlothian Ladies - Gullane - 19 May 2017

The usual pre-match negotiation took place re. shots / tees / handicap allocation! In the end, it was decided that both sides would play from the yellow tees, which gave MCLGA an additional 2 shots (approx pro rata allowance on the yardage difference between the yellow and red tees), in addition to the 4 shots from the SSS difference (69 vs 73), prior to the handicaps being applied. Thus in match 1, the SUGS combined handicap (9), vs MCLGA combined handicap (3), gave a difference of 6. Half the difference (as foursomes) meant SUGS received 3 shots, but takings into account the SSS difference of 6 meant that it was MCLGA who received 3 shots in the 1st game. NB - this is documented here for future reference!

The weather was cool, with some light rain towards the end of the round. The course was in its usual good condition, and a good games were had by all. In match 1, the SUGS Captain holed a good putt for a birdie on the 17th (which, to be fair, would have gone 10 feet past, had it not hit the hole) to level the match, and a half on the 18th was a fair result for both sides. SUGS' track record in this fixture has been mixed, and it was a surprise (not that I should have doubted the ability of my team) to find that we had managed to achieve the narrowest of wins, on the 69th occasion of this match. The 2017 Fixture also marked the 44th anniversary of NGMW's SUGS debut (Liberton 1973!). Congratulations, in absentia, were passed on to Louise Fraser, a regular competitor in recent years for MCLGA in this fixture, who won the Midlothian Ladies Championship earlier this year. John and Alison Greer and their team looked after everyone in the visitors' clubhouse afterwards, and we all look forward to the 2018 encounter.



Results (SUGS names first)

1) Andrew Thomson & Colin Steele halved with Gabrielle Macdonald & Karen Ferguson-Sneddon
2) Richard Muckart & Nigel Watt beat Karen Marshall & Hannah Scott by 4&3
3) Douglas May & Tim Edward lost to Wendy Nicholson & Caroline Steedman by 3&2
4) Sandy Kirkwood & Jim Barnet beat Kirsten Blackwood & Susan Rennie by 1 hole

Match Result: SUGS 2½ - 1½ MCLGA

Aberdeen SUGS - Royal Aberdeen - 21 May 2017

Results (SUGS names first)


1) Noel Crilley & Iain Fulton lost to Willie Park & Neil Gordon 6&5
2) Rik Harvey & Gregor McIntoch lost to Niall Farquharson & Roy Lumsden 5&4
3) Michael Choong & Charles Hammond lost to David Rennie & David McFarlane 5&4
4) David Murray & Stuart McCafrey beat Peter Grant & Neil Davidson 2&1


Morning result - SUGS 1 - 3 Aberdeen SUGS


1) Ian Fulton & Rik Harvey lost to David Rennie & Roy Lumsden 3&2
2) Noel Crilley & Gregor McIntosh lost to Niall Farquharson 1 down
3) Michael Choong & David Murray beat Neil Gordon & Peter Grant 1 up
4) Charles Hammond & Stuart McCafrey beat Neil Gordon & Willie Park 3&2


Afternoon result - SUGS 2 - 2 Aberdeen SUGS


Match result  SUGS 3 - 5 Aberdeen SUGS 

Dispatch Trophy - May 2017

Not played

Summer Meeting - Worplesdon GC - 30 July 2017

Gross - Anthony Shields - 75

Nett - Stuart Pace - 34 points

Rye GC - Rye - 5 August 2017

Morning foursomes (SUGS names first)

1) Andrew Jessop & Michael Choong halved with Tito Bastinello & Freddie Bastianello
2) Colin Steele & Ben Kelly lost to Bruce Garron & Huw Phillips 5&4
3) Stuart Pace & John Tully Jackson beat Rob Johns & Emmanuel Schlumberger 3&2
4) Peter Keeling & Jonathan Palmer lost to Alex Bastianello & Brian Wilson 1 down
5) Phil Pritchett & Joe Dilks lost to Jonathan Brewer & Barry Flanidan 4&3
6) Calum Moultrie & Nick Norton lost to Robert Kendrick & Louie Highfield 3&2


Morning result - SUGS 1.5 - 4.5 Rye Golf Club


Afternoon foursomes (SUGS names first)

1) Peter Keeling & Ben Kelly lost to Jonathan Brewer & Bruce Garran 7&6
2) Colin Steele & Andrew Jessop lost to Huw Phillips & Barry Flanigan 1 down
3) Stuart Pace & Jonathan Palmer beat Michael Grant & Rob John 2&1
4) Michael Choong & Calum Moultrie lost to Tito Bastianello & Alex Bastianello 3&2
5) John Tully Jackson & Phil Pritchett beat Robert Kendrick & Emmanuel Schlumberger 6&5
6) Nick Norton & Joe Dilks beat Freddie Bastianello & Brian Wilson 2&1


Afternoon result - SUGS 3 - 3 Rye Golf Club


Match result  SUGS 4.5 - 7.5 Rye Golf Club 

Walton Heath GC - Walton Heath - 6 August 2017

WHGC managed to only muster 4 players so friendly matches were played with a few sore heads from the previous days frivolities.


St Andrews SUGS - St Andrews - 20 August 2017

SUGS names first

1) Al Pugh & Andrew Thomson beat Sandy Reid & Craig Fotheringham 2&1
2) Peter Burnet & Mike Reid lost to Brin Rocke & Al Russell - 1 hole
3) Mike Mullins & Roddy Forgie lost to Colin Steele & Hamish MacNaughtan – 4&3
4) Fraser McCluskey & Phil Pritchett halved with Ian Kerr & Murray Drummond
5) Andy Keir & Robin Duncan lost to Hamish Philips & John Hall - 1 hole


Result:  SUGS 1½ - 3½  St Andrews SUGS

Gullane GC - Gullane No. 1 - 3 September 2017

Excellent match against our kindred home club with SUGS on both sides. Despite a few late arrivals due to the Tour of Britain cycle race the match was preceded with a hearty lunch which was enjoyed by all. A narrow victory for SUGS stole the bragging rights for another year.



1) Andrew Thomson & Mike Nicol beat Colin Sinclair & John Garden 2&1
2) Joe Dilks & Tim Pakenham lost to Gordon Simmonds & Drew McCrone 3&2
3) Phil Pritchett & Patrick Robinson beat David Hill & John Tully-Jackson 4&3
4) Stefan Hindmarsh & Sarinder Singh beat Stephen Lindsey & John Hibbert 3&2
5) Graham Barr & Stephen Govenlock lost to Scott Walker & Kenny Wright 3&2

Result:  SUGS 3 - 2  Gullane Golf Club 

Edinburgh University - Gullane - 16 September 2017

On arrival at Gullane, the practice ground was very busy; the EUGC team were taking the annual encounter for the Roy Thomson trophy very seriously, and had left Edinburgh at 0730...ample time to prepare for a tee off at 0928. Or it could be that an allowance had been made for the perennial challenge of student golf, rounding up team members who had been partying the night before? Either way, the stage was set. Both courses were in excellent condition, and the weather remained fair throughout the day, with the exception of 2 squally showers in the afternoon. Fourball play preceded both AM and PM matches, which ruled out playing foursomes; with some tweaking of the tee times foursomes will be possible for the AM round next year. Honours were even as both sides sat down to an excellent buffet lunch in the GGC Members' Clubhouse, and remaining even in the afternoon with one match remaining. SUGS were dormie 2 up, but a strong finish by the students earned them a valuable half point, and a halved match overall.



Morning Results (Gullane 3 / 4BBB)

1) Andrew Thomson & David Greenshields lost to Scott Jeen & Stuart Holt by 2&1
2) Mark Kernaghan & Harry Dickie beat Conor Rankin & Charlie Cave by 6&5
3) Colin Steele & Phil Pritchett beat Cameron Creamer & Tom Ellis by 3&1
4) Andrew McCrone & Colin Swan lost to Chris Upson & Murdo Lunn by 1 hole
5) David Archibald & Stewart McCaffrey halved with George Osbourne & James Smith


AM Result: SUGS 2½ - 2½ EUGC


Afternoon Results (Gullane 2 / 4BBB)

1) David Greenshields & Harry Dickie lost to Conor Rankin & Stuart Holt by 3&2
2) Andrew Thomson & Phil Pritchett lost to Charlie Cave & Scott Jeen by 4&3
3) Mark Kernaghan & Colin Steele beat Cameron Creamer & Chris Upson by 2&1
4) Colin Swan & Stewart McCaffrey beat James Smith & Murdo Lunn by 1 hole
5) David Archibald & Andrew McCrone halved with George Osbourne & Tom Ellis


PM Result: SUGS 2½ - 2½ EUGC


Match Result: SUGS 5 - 5 EUGC

Queens University GS - Muirfield & Gullane - 28-29 September 2017

Main match

Day 1 -  Gullane #1

Morning Matches

1) Nicky Gold & David Simpson beat Keith McGarry & Gregg Skerritt 2&1
2) John Tully-Jackson & Simon Holt beat Dan McRea & Ben Brennan 3&2
3) Colin Steele & Ewan Cameron beat Peter Greene & Al Dick 2&1
4) Sandy Reid & Charles Hammond beat Andy Dick & Richard Nicholas 6&5
5) Hugh Harvie & Andrew Thomson beat Eddie Bill & James Millar 6&5
6) Robin Duncan & Kenny McKay beat Garry Jones & Jack Mclean 1up

AM Result: SUGS 6 - 0 QUGS


Afternoon Matches

1) Sandy Reid & David Simpson beat Peter Greene & Gregg Skerritt 1up
2) Nicky Gold & Simon Holt lost to Ben Brennan & James Millar 1 down
3) Colin Steele & John Tully-Jackson beat Garry Jones & Jack McLean 2&1
4) Andrew Thomson & Charles Hammond halved with Dan McCrea & Jack McLean
5) Robin Duncan & Ewan Cameron beat Andy Dick & Eddie Bill 4&3
6) Kenny McKay & Hugh Harvie lost to Al Dick & Richard Nicholas 2&1


PM Result: SUGS 3½ - 2½ QUGS


Day 1 Result - SUGS 9½ - 2½ QUGS


Day 2 - Muirfield

Morning Matches

1) Fraser McCluskey & David Simpson halved with Dan McCrea & Keith McGarry
2) Keith McCall & Ewan Cameron halved with Garry Jones & Peter Greene
3) Mike Beamish & Charles Hammond beat Eddie Bill & Jack McLean 2&1
4) Alistair Low & Colin Steele beat Al Dick & Gregg Skerritt 1 up
5) Richard Inglis & Andrew Thomson lost to Andy Dick & James Millar 4&3
6) Tim Edward & Matt Bentley lost to Ben Brennan & Richard Nicholas 1 down


AM Result: SUGS 3 - 3 QUGS


Afternoon Matches

1) Fraser McCluskey & Ewan Cameron beat Jack McLean & Ben Brennan 3&2
2) Keith McCall & David Simpson beat Al Dick & James Millar 1 up
3) Michael Beamish & Matt Bentley beat Keith McGarry & Andy Dick 2&1
4) Alistair Low & Charles Hammond lost to Dan McCrea & Peter Greene 5&4
5) Richard Inglis & Colin Steele beat Richard Nicholas & Gregg Skerritt 2&1
6) Tim Edward & Andrew Thomson lost to Garry Jones & Eddie Bill 4&3


PM Result: SUGS 4 - 2 QUGS


Day 2 Result: SUGS 7 - 5 QUGS


Match result: SUGS 16½ - 7½ QUGS


QUGS Seniors - Muirfield & Gullane - 26-28 September 2017

26th September - Muirfield

1) David Anderson & Jim Barnet beat Craig Cameron & John McLean
2) Robin Duncan & Nigel Watt beat Ian Dick & Peter Dick


27th September - Gullane #2

1) Nigel Watt & Alastair Anderson lost to Peter Dick & Craig Cameron
2) David Anderson & Jim Barnet beat Ian Dick & John McLean


28th September - Gullane #1

1) Lindsay Gordon & Jim Barnet beat Ian Dick & Craig Cameron
2) David Anderson & Robin Duncan halved with Peter Dick & John McLean

Match Result: SUGS 4½ - 1½ QUGS

Luffness New GC - Luffness - 15 October 2017

On the day when an Atlantic storm had been bashing the west coast and central belt, East Lothian was relatively unaffected. There was a good breeze, but not one so strong that it could be cited as an excuse for poor golf. The sun was out, and it was mild, but it was still a delight to see the large fire blazing away inside the Luffness clubhouse. Naturally, both sides lunched well, with the chowder starter in particular getting plaudits from the SUGS Captain. It seems hardly worthwhile to mention that the course was in excellent condition (it always is), and was running well. The matches were all relatively close, but SUGS did enough to earn the narrowest of wins, and the "Milne Drinks Tray" was duly retrieved from the LNGC trophy cabinet, and presented to the SUGS Captain, before being returned for safe keeping. This remains one of the best and most enjoyable matches in the SUGS calendar - long may that continue.



Results (Foursomes - SUGS names first)
1) Andrew Thomson & Stephen Govenlock beat Keith Henderson & Keith Yuille
2) Iain Currie & Alex Room lost to Nigel Kirkness & Colin Wood
3) Scott Stewart & Joe Dilks beat Sarinder Singh & Angus Smithson
4) Kenny McKay & Mike Reid beat Hector Chawla & Robin Hill
5) Simon Holt & Phil Pritchett halved with Peter Grant & Stuart Graham
6) Ian Smith lost to Brian Nicolson


Match Result: SUGS 3½ - 2½ Luffness New GC

Autumn Meeting - Gullane - 21 October 2017

W N Boase Putter:
1) Mark Dickson - 75 scratch stableford points
2) Dougie Hunter - 71 scratch stableford points


R S Sloan Trophy:
1) Nicky Gold - 37 Scratch stableford points
2) Stuart Robinson - 36 Scratch stableford points


C R Duncan Leeds Trophy:
1) Phil Pritchett - 39 net stableford points
2) Stephen Govenlock - 38 net stableford points


Seniors Salver:
1) Stephen Govenlock - 38 net stableford points
2) David Archibald - 37 net stableford points

Dundee University - Panmure GC

Match not played

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