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Heriot Watt University - Gullane 2 - 13 February 2011

Some late call offs from the students meant this match (normally 10 aside) was reduced to 8 (SUGS) vs 7 (HW) at 10.30pm on the eve of the match. A further call off from the students on the morning of the match reduced the game to 6 aside. Although there was torrential rain in many other parts of Scotland, Gullane managed to stay dry but cold, with a strong south easterly wind. The recent wet weather was very evident on the course, with several bunkers under water - an unusual sight at Gullane.

Despite Belch claiming "not to have played much" recently, he and Greenshields played well enough to record the only SUGS win of the day. Hunter had 3 consecutive birdies in match 2, playing with Vice Captain Biggart, but that was only enough for a halved game. In the last game, Wallace (with the occasional contribution from the Hon Sec) saw several putts lip out, which allowed the students to gain a narrow win.



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Graeme Belch & Dave Greenshields beat Malcolm Pennycott & Callum Graham by 3 and 2
2) Dougie Hunter & Andrew Biggart halved with Steven Smith & Varun Varadharajan
3) David Wallace & Andrew Thomson lost to Euan Paterson & Jamie Thompson by 1 hole


Result: SUGS 1½ - 1½ Heriot Watt University

Dublin University GS - Prestwick - 25 February 2011

AM Results (SUGS names first)
1) Nicky Gold & Bobby Watson beat J Counihan & A Neil by 4 and 3
2) Graeme Belch & Stuart Farmer lost to Dougie Heather & Nick Dillon by 2 and 1
3) Dougie Hunter & Robin Duncan beat J Ronayne & Peter Pigot by 4 and 3
4) Richard Muckart & David Rennie lost to John Kenny & Huntly Lauder by 2 and 1
5) James Haggart & Ian Smith lost to Gavin Caldwell & Aedan Jameson by 1 hole
6) Niall Farquharson & Andrew Biggart lost to David Conway & Connor O'Brien by 2 and 1

Morning Result: SUGS 2 - 4 DUGS


1) Graeme Belch & David Rennie halved with J Counihan & J Ronayne
2) Nicky Gold & Robin Duncan halved with Dougie Heather & A Neil
3) Dougie Hunter & Andrew Biggart halved with David Conway & N Dillon
4) Bobby Watson & Stuart Farmer halved with Huntly Lauder & Peter Pigot
5) Richard Muckart & Ian Smith lost to John Kenny & Aedan Jameson by 1 hole
6) James Haggart & Niall Farquharson lost to Gavin Caldwell & Connor O'Brien by 1 hole

Afternoon Result: SUGS 2 - 4 DUGS


Overall Result: SUGS 4 - 8 DUGS

Strathclyde University - Western Gailes - 27 February 2011

Results (SUGS names first)
1) Graeme Belch & Dougie Hunter beat Euan Brown & Mika Hakola by 1 hole
2) Nicky Gold & Andrew Thomson lost to Ben Gibson & Jordan Leach by 1 hole
3) Andrew Biggart & Steve Craig beat Alex Room & Johnny by 1 hole
4) Richard Muckart & Kerr Vance beat Innes & Iain by 1 hole


Result: SUGS 3 - 1 Strathclyde University

St Andrew University - St Andrews (New & Old) – 5 March 2011

The match was played in very benign conditions at St Andrews. In recent years the students had tended to field a team of 3rd / 4th year students, and not necessarily first team members, but this year the standard of golf seemed higher (or perhaps SUGS were just getting worse?!!!), the students younger, and more international, with Canada, the USA and continental Europe(?) represented. The New Course was in superb condition, and with very fast greens, so much so that the Hon Sec's first putt on the practice green ended up on the cart path. Despite SUGS fielding a solid team, the morning foursomes followed a familiar theme, with the students comfortably ahead at lunchtime.

The serious matter of lunch was preceded by drinks in the Big Room at the R&A, followed by a walk over to Forgan House (due to refurbishment of the main clubhouse dining room) which offered a fine view across to the West Sands, combined with excellent fare. With an eye on the clock, most of the afternoon matches found time for a further trip to the Big Room before making it onto the 1st tee on the Old Course for the afternoon fourballs. The importance of lunching the opposition well cannot be stressed, and this, no doubt aided by SUGS finding their game, helped to ensure a more balanced result from the afternoon series. However, the damage had been done, and the students yet again emerged victorious. "Better luck next year, SUGS".



Results (SUGS names first)

A.M. (New Course - Foursome)
1) Nicky Gold & John Yuille beat David Wilmerding & Sean Fotheringhame by 4 and 2
2) Fraser McCluskey & Duncan Lawrie lost to Sam Narji & Matt Wheeler by 1 hole
3) David Greenshields & Lance Sloan lost to Elliot Brown & Vincent Bloom by 3 and 1
4) Simon Holt & Ben Kelly lost to Elliot Dodds & Paul Campbell by 2 and 1
5) John Hall & James Hetherington halved with Jon Corhe & Blair Pelling
6) Andrew Thomson & Colin Steele lost to Freddie Edmunds & Earl Moorer by 3 and 1


Morning Result: SUGS 1½ - 4½ St Andrews University


P.M. (Old Course - Fourball)
1) Nicky Gold & Duncan Lawrie lost to Vincent Bloom & David Wilmerding by 1 hole
2) Lance Sloan & John Hall beat Blair Pelling & Elliot Dodds by 3 and 1
3) Colin Steele & Simon Holt beat Earl Moorer & Paul Campbell by 3 and 2
4) Ben Kelly & James Hetherington lost to Jon Corhe & Sean Fotheringhame by 1 hole
5) Andrew Thomson & David Greenshields lost to Matt Wheeler and Freddie Edmunds by 2 and 1
6) Fraser McCluskey & John Yuille beat Sam Narji & Elliot Brown by 1 hole


Afternoon Result: SUGS 3 - 3 St Andrews University


Overall Result: SUGS 4½ - 7½ St Andrews University

London University GS - Royal St Georges - 11 March 2011

Results (SUGS names first)

1) Andrew Jessop & Anthony Shields lost to Ed Clutton & Gareth Young
2) Gavin Greer & Graeme Belch halved with Nick Denny & Stuart Lloyd
3) Fraser McCluskey & Ewan Cameron beat John Dennis & Jimmy Bull
4) Peter Neal & David Jarvie beat Hugh Maurice & Alex Modgill
5) Ally Fearnside & Brian Eccles lost to Jeremy Smith & Alastair Wells
6) Mike Morrison & Doug Graham beat Neil Falconer & Mike Kershaw


Morning Result: SUGS 3½ - 2½ LUGS

1) Andrew Jessop & Ewan Cameron beat Gareth Young & Nick Denny
2) Fraser McCluskey & Graeme Belch beat Mike Kershaw & Jimmy Bull
3) Mike Morrison & Brian Eccles lost to Alex Modgill & John Dennis
4) Gavin Greer & David Jarvie lost to Stuart Lloyd & Alastair Wells
5) Ally Fearnside & Doug Graham lost to Hugh Maurice & Ed Clutton
6) Anthony Shields & Peter Neal beat Neil Falconer & Jeremy Smith


Afternoon Result: SUGS 3 - 3 LUGS


Overall Result: SUGS 6½ - 5½ LUGS

Luffness New GC - Luffness – 20 March 2011

This match was the 2010 fixture, rearranged from the previous November when snow put paid to golf. Early spring conditions found the course in good shape, and ditto the clubhouse following some major refurbishments. Given the team selections, this was most definitely a friendly fixture, with Luffness members present in the SUGS side (including Captain, Richard Muckart) and whilst a number of SUGS members (past, current, and newly recruited!) were playing for Luffness. The rest of the match speaks for itself - an excellent lunch with just the right amount of liquid refreshment, competitive yet sociable foursomes matches, and a very appropriate 3 - 3 final score. The result, as ever, is immaterial.



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Richard Muckart & Robert Dick beat Peter Clark & Grant Milne
2) Stephen Govenlock & Mike Reid halved with Dougie Adams & Dennis Kerr
3) Hamish Phillips & Charles Hammond lost to Keith Yuille & David Loudon
4) James Robertson & Andrew Thomson halved with Colin Wood & Peter Grant
5) Robin Duncan & Keith Oliver beat David McCraw & Brian Laughland
6) Richard Inglis & Douglas May lost to Alastair Milne & Brian Nicholson


Result: SUGS 3 - 3 Luffness New GC

Dundee University - Gleneagles (Queens) – 3 April September 2011

A blustery typically April day at Gleneagles, with the Queen's Course in very good condition, considering the long, cold winter. Despite being hollow tined, the greens were surprisingly slick. In line with several other established courses across Scotland, a policy of severe pruning of gorse and heather over the last few months made the course more forgiving in places, which on reflection, may have been to the benefit of the SUGS members.

The students had a late call off and so our Centenary Captain's son (a St.Andrews undergarduate) Oscar Mullins was disturbed from his slumber to experience the camaraderie of university golf - and help contribute to a resounding victory for SUGS.

Fortuitously the students had sent through their team names and handicaps in advance, which enabled our Match Captain to consider his options and make the appropriate pairings, who all thankfully delivered the goods.

As ever, the facilities and catering at Gleneagles were excellent and we're grateful for their continued support of university golf in Scotland.


Results (SUGS names first)
1) Graeme Belch & Andrew Biggart beat Payne & McMaster by 2 and 1
2) Dougie Hunter & Richard Muckart beat Forgie & Penman by 4 and 3
3) Keith Macintosh & Robin Duncan beat McGregor & Holmes by 4 and 3
4) Ewan Cairns & Kerr Vance beat Finlay & Cramb by 4 and 3
5) Stephen Carruthers & Mike Mullins beat Donald & Oscar Mullins by 2 and 1


Result: SUGS 5 - 0 Dundee University

Spring Meeting - Prestwick GC - 15 April 2011

Baird / Purdie trophy
1) Nicky Gold – 73 (Countback)
2) Jim Kinloch - 73 (Countback)
3) Jonathan King - 73


Best handicap score
1) Ally Fearnside - 71

Dispatch Trophy – Braids – May 2011

Despite a strong team comprising Dougie Hunter, Dave Greenshields, Sandy Philips and Duncan Martin (combined handicaps ~4), SUGS were unable to progress beyond the 2nd round. A comfortable 9 & 8 win over Watsonian Caritas in the Round 1 was followed by defeat to Heriots. We can only hope for better luck next year...

Midlothian Ladies - Gullane 2 - 3 June 2011

Yet again, another glorious evening at Gullane greeted this match - if only all SUGS fixtures were played in conditions like this! East Lothian was gently roasting in a heatwave (although by the following morning the weather was distinctly unsummerlike), and there no wind. However, the rough was starting to make its presence felt on the course, which was in its usual excellent condition, to provide some defence. The ladies (in the eyes of SUGS - no hint of sour grapes!) were aided by a considerable headstart on some holes of up to 100 yards due to the new men's back tees, although the casual observer would also have noted that the ladies played some sublime golf which SUGS were unable to match, such as 3, 3 on the 12th and 13th holes from Marshall and Bain. It was left to Reekie and Govelock in match 1 to spare SUGS blushes, and secure a valuable half point to avoid a whitewash. The match was followed by a bar supper in the Visitors' Clubhouse, and was as ever, a very enjoyable evening.



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Don Reekie & Stephen Govenlock halved with Gabrielle McDonald & Kate McIntosh
2) Andrew Thomson & Kenny McKay lost to Karen Marshall & Linda Bain by 5 and 4
3) Iain Crawford & Richard Inglis lost to & Gillian Simpson & Arlene McGarty by 2 and 1
4) Richard Muckart & Douglas May lost to Hannah Scott & Sal Shepherd by 6 and 5


Result: SUGS ½ - 3½ Midlothian Ladies

Gullane GC - Gullane No 1 - 14 August 2011

Results (SUGS names first)
1) Andrew Biggart & Gordon Simmonds halved with Duncan Arthur & David McCall
2) Neil Steven & Gordon Spy halved with Ian Dickson & Gordon McLeod
3) Jonathan Brewer & Kerr Vance lost to Andrew McCrone & Gabrielle Salucci by 2 holes
4) Iain Crawford & Ewan Cairns lost to John Lang & Iain McLean by 2 and 1
5) Richard Chapman & Martin Todd lost to Paul Anderson & Colin Manson by 2 and 1


Result: SUGS 1 - 4 Gullane Golf Club

St Andrews SUGS - St Andrews (New) - 28 August 2011

The match dinner was again held in the New GC on Saturday evening enjoyed by 10 players, including ‘new boy’ Kerr Vance, at which the four ball pairings were drawn in time honoured fashion. This was the 22nd contest for the GUR Trophy, played over the New Course on a bright but very breezy afternoon, with the holders (SUGS) aiming to win or retain the trophy for the 10th year in a row to eclipse the St Andrews SUGS record in the early phase of the competition. In the first game contested with a Reid brother on each side (with Sandy, past Match Captain for St Andrews, making a come back after several years in the Far East) it was honours even. The third game was tinged with minor controversy in that St Andrews played with one man due to an unexpected no-show however with a convincing win in the last match SUGS ran out winners 2 ½ - 1 ½ , to retain the trophy. Well done SUGS and commiserations to St Andrews SUGS!



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Andrew Biggart & Mike Reid halved with Mike Todd & Sandy Reid
2) Fraser McCluskey (Capt) & Noel Crilley lost to Ian Kerr & Graham Murray by 2 and 1
3) Dave Greenshields & Keith Macintosh beat Murray Drummond w/o
4) Kerr Vance & Stephen Govenlock beat Alistair Russell (Capt) & Craig Fotheringham by 7 and 6


Result: SUGS 2½ - 1½ St Andrews SUGS

Oxford & Cambridge Golfing Society – Bruntsfield & Renaissance – 3 & 4 September 2011

A change from some of the usual venues saw the sides assemble at Bruntsfield (celebrating its 250th anniversary as the world's fourth oldest golf club) in mild but overcast conditions for the first day's golf. Fortunately the cloud gave way to sunshine during the day. The Society were led by their Captain, Guy Leach, who had also injected some youth to his team in the form of Callum Slother, the current Oxford undergraduate captain. The hosts, led by Richard Muckart, featured a mix of relative(!) youth and experience - but would this translate into a winning combination?


The Society, having arrived in Edinburgh late the previous evening, saw no reason to deviate from their usual pre match preparation and visited the capital's bars and other establishments, followed by a 3 course meal in an Italian restaurant commencing at 3.30am for at least one of their team. SUGS preparation had been rather tame in comparison, but this did not appear to give them an advantage as the morning series of matches were evenly shared. Lunch was a leisurely affair, and least in terms of time if not liquid refreshment, and it was with some reluctance that the sides emerged from the clubhouse some 3 hours later for the afternoon series. Despite a win from SUGS in Match 1, the tail flagged rather than wagged and were all won by the Society, albeit with no runaway victories. With play on Day 2 over 18 holes only to aid onward travel arrangement, the match dinner was held in the Bruntsfield clubhouse, before the Society plus the younger SUGS present provided yet more custom to the Edinburgh licensed trade.


Somewhat miraculously, the teams departed on schedule the following morning from the Hilton at Haymarket, although with 4 Society members + baggage, the suspension on the SUGS Hon Sec's 3 door VW Golf was tested to the limit. Wall to wall sunshine and no wind greeted the teams on arrival at the Renaissance Club at Archerfield - an inaugural visit for the majority, having opened for play in 2008 and very much a members' club. The course was in superb condition, even more so given its new status, and a few putts on the rolling practice green indicated that those who holed out well would be hard to beat. As the course measured over 7400 yards from the championship tees, play was from the medal tees at a still challenging 6863 yards. The greens provided yet more challenges - with rolling but fair contours there were few straight putts. Full advantage was taken of the "half way" stop after the 8th hole, where Scottish hospitality in the form of haggis sausage canapes was provided, along with the normal refreshments. Despite at least one match ordering a second round of haggis sausage to boost fortunes on the course, the overnight deficit could not be closed, and with the Renaissance matches evenly shared, the Society achieved a notable victory on Scottish soil, and returned south in fine spirit. "Serious fun", along with "the pleasure of golf in familiar and congenial company" had indeed been the theme of the weekend.



Day 1 - Results from Bruntsfield (SUGS names first)

A.M. (Foursomes)
1) John King & Colin Steele beat Chris Bellingham & Callum Slother by 4 and 3
2) Michael Choong & Richard Muckart lost to Rob Mann & Matt Webster by 1 hole
3) Andrew Biggart & Stephen Govenlock halved with Iain Smith & Ben Twiney
4) Andrew Thomson & Ben Kelly halved with Guy Leach & Gareth Rowlands
5) Martin Todd & Richard Chapman halved with Hamish Phillips & Tom Smith


Morning Result: SUGS 2½ - 2½ OCGS


P.M. (Foursomes)
1) Colin Steele & Stephen Govenlock beat Chris Bellingham & Iain Smith
2) John King & Andrew Biggart lost to Rob Mann & Gareth Rowlands
3) Richard Muckart & Ben Kelly lost to Hamish Phillips & Ben Twiney
4) Michael Choong & Richard Chapman lost to Matt Webster & Tom Smith
5) Andrew Thomson & Martin Todd lost to Callum Slother & Guy Leach


Afternoon Result: SUGS 1 - 4 OCGS


Day 2 - Results from Renaissance (Foursomes)
1) John Hall & John King beat Matt Webster & Callum Slother
2) Andrew Biggart & Richard Muckart halved with Chris Bellingham & Charlie Saywell
3) Martin Todd & Ben Kelly beat Hamish Phillips & Guy Leach
4) Kerr Vance & Michael Choong lost to Ben Twiney & Gareth Rowlands
5) Andrew Thomson & Richard Chapman lost to Rob Mann & Tom Smith


Result: SUGS 2½ - 2½ OCGS


Overall Result: SUGS 6 - 9 OCGS

Queens University GS - Muirfield / Luffness – 15-16 September 2011

Day 1 - Results from Muirfield - SUGS names first

1) Nicky Gold & Graeme Belch lost to Gary Jones & Alistair Dick by 2 and 1
2) Andrew Jessop & Ian Jones beat Keith McGarry & Simon Rankin by 6 and 5
3) Colin Steele & Dougie Cowan beat Ian Young & Neil McCluney by 1 hole
4) David Anderson & Andrew McCrone lost to Ricky Bill & Andrew Dick by 3 and 2
5) Richard Muckart & Pat Burnet lost to Alan Irwin & John Reid by 2 and 1
6) Alastair Milne & Richard Inglis lost to Craig Cameron & Arthur Bell by 2 and 1

Morning Result: SUGS 2 - 4 QUGS


1) Nicky Gold & Ian Jones beat Keith McGarry & Ricky Bill by 4 and 3
2) Dougie Cowan & Graeme Belch beat Ian Young & Gary Jones by 4 and 3
3) Colin Steele & Andrew Jessop beat Alistair Dick & Simon Rankin by 7 and 6
4) Richard Muckart & Andrew McCrone lost to Alan Irwin & Andrew Dick by 1 hole
5) David Anderson & Richard Inglis halved with Craig Cameron & John Reid
6) Alastair Milne & Pat Burnet lost to Neil McCluney & Arthur Bell by 5 and 4


Afternoon Result: SUGS 3½ - 2½ QUGS


Day 1 Result: SUGS 5½ - 6½ QUGS


Day 2 - Results from Luffness - SUGS names first

1) Graeme Belch & Andrew Jessop lost to Keith McGarry & Andrew Dick by 1 hole
2) Simon Holt & Keith Macintosh halved with Alistair Dick & RIcky Bill
3) Robin Duncan & Charles Hammond lost to Gary Jones & John Reid by 1 hole
4) Richard Inglis & Andrew McCrone halved with Neil McCluney & Simon Rankin
5) Ewan Cameron & Douglas Adams beat Alan Irwin & Arthur Bell by 5 and 4
6) Alan Wilson & Richard Muckart lost to John Neill & Ian Young by 1 hole


Morning Result: SUGS 2 - 4 QUGS


1) Graeme Belch & Simon Holt lost to Gary Jones & Keith McGarry by 1 hole
2) Charles Hammond & Andrew Jessop lost to Ricky Bill & Andrew Dick by 1 hole
3) Keith Macintosh & Ewan Cameron lost to Ian Young & John Reid by 1 hole
4) Robin Duncan & Richard Muckart halved with Alistair Dick & Arthur Bell
5) Douglas Adams & Andrew McCrone beat John Neill & Neil McCluney by 1 hole
6) Richard Inglis & Alan Wilson lost to Alan Irwin & Simon Rankin by 5 and 4

Afternoon Result: SUGS 1½ - 4½ QUGS


Day 2 Result: SUGS 3½ - 8½ QUGS


Overall Result: SUGS 9 - 15 QUGS

QUGS Seniors - 15 -16 September 2011

Day 1 - Results from Blairgowrie (Rosemount) - SUGS names first
1) Robin Duncan & Mike Mullins beat Ian Dick & John Neill by 3 and 2
2) Alastair Anderson & Jim Barnett lost to Peter Dick & Ian Sanderson by 2 and 1


Day 2 - Results from Muirfield - SUGS names first
1) Bobby White & Jim Barnett lost to Peter Dick & Craig Cameron by 3 and 2
2) David Anderson & Clifford Hastings lost to Ian Dick & Ian Sanderson by 4 and 3

Overall Result: SUGS 1 - 3 QUGS

Dublin University GC - Bruntsfield – 16 September 2011

Results (SUGS names first)
1) Duncan Hamilton & Keith McKenzie beat Darragh Garrahy & David Conway
2) Andrew Landsburgh & Ross Mackay lost to Richard Knightly & Alan Hopkins
3) Andrew Thomson & Hamish Phillips lost to Darragh Coghlan
3) Kerr Vance & Noel Crilley lost to Ruairi Kennelly & Graham Lalor


Result: SUGS 1 - 3 Dublin University GC

Autumn Meeting - Gullane 1 & 2 - 22 October 2011

W N Boase Putter:
1) Dougie Hunter - 68 scratch stableford points
2) Nicky Gold - 64 scratch stableford points


R S Sloan Trophy:
1) Barry Templeton - 31 scratch stableford points (BIH)
2) John Yuille - 31 scratch stableford points


C R Duncan Leeds Trophy:
1) Jim Barnet - 31 net stableford points (BI 1)
2) Murray Drummond - 31 net stableford points


Seniors Salver:
1) Jim Barnet - 31 net stableford points
2) Charles Hammond - 30 net stableford points

Edinburgh University - Gullane No 2 - 5 November 2011

The match was again played under beautiful November sunshine...and with victory in 2010, SUGS were looking to retain the Evening Times Dispatch Cup for the first time since 1991. With this is mind, match captain Hunter selected a youthful team...together with the experience of Belch and Gold.

The aforementioned Gold and, recent Edinburgh Uni captain, McDonald combined to give SUGS the perfect start, winning 2 & 1. The University immediately levelled matters with victory in game 2. In match 3, experience again came to the fore, with Belch and Greenshields easing to a 6 & 5 victory. Halves were secured in the last two games allowing SUGS to retain the trophy...and reduce the students' overall match lead to 27 - still to be done!



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Nicky Gold & Ross McDonald beat Roddy Forgie & Scott McGee by 2 and 1
2) Dougie Hunter & Barry Templeton lost to Jonny Calder & Craig Telfer by 3 and 2
3) Graeme Belch & Dave Greenshields beat Oli Fowler & Stuart Nicol by 6 and 5
4) Jake Halliday & Sandy Philips halved with Colin Swan & James Mabutt
5) Graham Clarke & Douglas Morton halved with John Innes & Ben Fox


Result: SUGS 3 - 2 Edinburgh University

Luffness New GC - Luffness – 27 November 2011

This match was the 3rd visit to Luffness in the space of 9 months, following the rearranged 2010 fixture (March) and the QUGS match (September). Unlike the equivalent date 12 months previously, there was no snow on the course, but there was a howling gale from the west on what was otherwise a sunny but cold day. On the drive down from Edinburgh, the Firth of Forth was covered in white horses, as further evidence that golf would be "challenging". Fortunately all was calm inside the clubhouse, and both sides were well primed with food and drink prior to the off.

Match 1 was a captain's affair, as current SUGS captain, Andrew Biggart, partnering SUGS centenary captain, Mike Mullins, beat the Luffness captain, Peter Clark, and fellow Luffness member / immediate past SUGS captain, Richard Muckart. Just like the stormy sea out in Aberlady Bay, the following matches ebbed and flowed, and the final result delivered the narrowest of victories to SUGS.



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Andrew Biggart & Mike Mullins beat Peter Clark & Richard Muckart
2) Hugh Harvie & James Haggart lost to Peter Grant & Keith Thomson
3) Andrew McCrone & Charles Hammond beat Dennis Kerr & Murray Fisken
4) Andrew Thomson & Jim Barnet lost to Bill Brodie & Keith Yuille
5) Mike Reid & Richard Inglis beat Alastair Milne & James Gibson
6) Robin Duncan & Graeme Palmer halved with Brian Nicolson & Hector Chawla


Result: SUGS 3½ - 2½ Luffness New GC

Matches Not Played

Aberdeen University

Aberdeen SUGS

Glasgow University

Stirling University

Scottish Universities

LNGC 2011
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