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Heriot Watt University - Gullane 2 - 15 February 2009

Match cancelled - snow.

Strathclyde University - Western Gailes - 1 March 2009

The first SUGS fixture of 2009 (following the cancellation of the Heriot Watt match 2 weeks previously due to wintery conditions at Gullane) was played in typical spring conditions - some very sharp showers interspersed with periods of brilliant sunshine. For many this was the first 18 holes that had been played all year, although this did not apply to the Kinlochs who had spent some of the winter in Spain enjoying warm conditions! Some careful selection of the pairings by Match Captain Nicky Gold ensured there would be some tough competition for the students, and so it proved at the end as SUGS ran out convincing winners, leaving the students to mull over what their coach, Bill Lockie, would have to say to them!


Results (SUGS names first)
1) Jim Kinloch & Stephen Carruthers beat Grant Minnes & Chris Burns by 2 holes
2) Gregor Munro & Nicky Gold beat Craig McLaughlin & Fraser Campbell by 4 and 3
3) Andrew Thomson & Murray Stewart beat Graeme McDougall & Paul Robinson by 3 and 2
4) Peter Kinloch & David Wallce beat Gerrard Cameron & Ricky Grierson by 2 and 1


Result: SUGS 4 - 0 Strathclyde University

Dublin University GS - Muirfield - 13 March 2009

This match carried extra significance as DUGS celebrated their Centenary in 2009. Although unable to play due to recent illness, SUGS Captain Richard Inglis and past President Archie Baird turned up to lend their support at lunch, and at the post match dinner in the Golf Inn, Gullane.

Results from Muirfield (SUGS names first)
1) Bobby Watson & David Archibald beat Dougie Heather & Nick Dillon by 2 and 1
2) James Haggart & Niall Farquharson lost to David Conway & M Fleury by 5 and 4
3) David Rennie & Ian Smith lost to John Conway & D Lernihan by 6 and 5
4) Alistair Low & Stuart Farmer lost to Aedan Jameson & Huntly Lauder by 3 and 2
5) Robin Duncan & Iain Crawford beat Connor O'Brien & Gavin Caldwell by 6 and 4
6) Nigel Watt & Mike Mullins beat Peter Bunbury & Peter Lennon by 2 and 1

Morning Result: SUGS 3 - 3 DUGS


1) Bobby Watson & Stuart Farmer beat Dougie Heather & M Fleury by 1 hole
2) David Archibald & Iain Crawford lost to David Conway & Nick Dillon by 4 and 3
3) James Haggart & David Rennie beat John Conway & Huntly Lauder by 5 and 4
4) Ian Smith & Niall Farquharson beat D Lernihan & Aedan Jameson by 2 and 1
5) Mike Mullins & Robin Duncan beat Peter Lennon & Connor O'Brien by 5 and 4
6) Keith Oliver & Pat Burnett beat Peter Bunbury & Gavin Caldwell by 4 and 3

Afternoon Result: SUGS 5 - 1 DUGS


Overall Result: SUGS 8 - 4 DUGS

St Andrew University - St Andrews (New & Old) – 14 March 2009

This year's fixture was played over a very breezy St Andrews links, which was to test shot making abilities throughout the day. Unfortunately SUGS were a man down from the off - former St Andrews University captain James Hetherington was due to travel from London the previous evening only to find his flight was cancelled. However, the students also had some last minute organisational difficulties - their captain Ned Fox was noticed running through the streets of St Andrews as he rounded up his team! His efforts paid off however, as the students went into lunch with a commanding 5-1 lead.

As usual, lunch was taken in the R&A, along with appropriate levels of refreshment (pre and post lunch), before afternoon play on the Old Course. Despite the tricky conditions (after replacing his ball on the 9th green 8' from the hole, the Hon. Sec then found he was facing a 20' putt from the opposite side of the hole thanks to an extra strong gust!) SUGS managed to win the afternoon series, but this was not enough to deny the students victory.



Results from St Andrews (SUGS names first)
A.M. (New Course - Foursome)
1) Nicky Gold & Fraser McCluskey lost to Will Wrisdale & John Corke by 3 and 2
2) Benjamin Kelly lost to Ned Fox by 4 and 3
3) Duncan Lawrie & David McLeary lost to Daniel Doherty & Joe Lockie by 3 and 2
4) Andy Scholefield & RIchard Baker lost to Earl Moorer & Elliot Brown by 1 hole
5) Ewen Cairns & John Hall beat Mark Horne & Tony Kinsey by 5 and 4
6) Colin Steele & Andrew Thomson lost to Steve Pointon & Tom Noall by 7 and 6

Morning Result: SUGS 1 - 5 St Andrews University


P.M. (Old Course - Fourball)
1) Nicky Gold & David McLeary beat Steve Pointon & Ned Fox by 4 and 3
2) Fraser McCluskey & Duncan Lawrie beat John Corke & Tom Noall by 1 hole
3) Chris Ripley & Richard Baker halved with Daniel Doherty & Will Wrisdale
4) Ewen Cairns & Benjamin Kelly lost to Joe Lockie & Dan Whitely by 4 and 3
5) John Hall & Colin Steele beat Tony Kinsey & Earl Moorer by 5 and 4
6) Andrew Thomson & Andy Scholefield halved with Mark Horne & Elliot Brown

Afternoon Result: SUGS 4 - 2 St Andrews University


Overall Result: SUGS 5 - 7 St Andrews University

London University GS - Royal St Georges - 20 March 2009

The annual match for the Falconer Ball made a welcome return to Sandwich this for the first time since 2005. Following a draw in 2008, and a loss in 2007, SUGS were hungry a win and fielded a strong team with several low handicappers, and a number of fresh faces with 4 players making their debut. A pre match dinner was held at the George and Dragon in Sandwich, during which the pairings for the morning foursomes were concocted, before the teams retired for the evening - many to the excellent Dormy House at RSG for a nightcap.


Friday dawned cool but sunny, with a little mist that quickly cleared. The stage was set, and with a gentle breeze, conditions were pretty well perfect. Fortified by breakfast in the clubhouse, the battle commenced, starting from the 10th tee. The SUGS pairings proved to be an inspired selection, as the visitors returned to the clubhouse at lunchtime to find themselves 5 - 1 to the good. Over pre-lunch drinks on the terrace, the afternoon pairings were made, and the agreed strategy was to put the strong pairings out first to "finish the job off!".


Following an excellent lunch, afternoon play commenced from the 1st tee. The SUGS strategy looked in doubt earlier on when match 1 was lost, but fortunately the ship was steadied in matches 2 and 3 to gain the necessary points for victory. Combined with wins from matches 4 and 6, this made for a very comfortable 9-3 win to SUGS. Unfortunately for VC David McLeary, the genuine "Falconer Ball" was not present at dinner in the clubhouse (believed to be with Porky who was absent this year?) and a substitute Titleist Pro V1 - far more appropriate for golf(!) than the Falconer variety - was gifted instead. Hopefully the genuine article will be present for next year's fixture!



Results from Royal St Georges (SUGS names first)

1) Fraser McCluskey & Ian Attoe beat Hugh Maurice & Stuart Lloyd by 4 and 3
2) David Archibald & Doug Graham lost to Gorm Neilsen & Jeremy Smith by 1 hole
3) Andrew Jessop & Anthony Shields beat Alastair Wells and Steven Billings by 2 and 1
4) Mike Morrison & Ewan Cameron beat Ed Clutton and Neil Falconer by 4 and 3
5) Andrew Thomson & Nick Norton beat George Yeandle & Paul Woodhouse by 4 and 3
6) David McLeary & Michael Choong beat John Lavelle & Jimmy Bull by 4 and 3

Morning Result: SUGS 5 - 1 LUGS


1) Fraser McCluskey & Anthony Shields lost to Hugh Maurice & Gorm Neilsen by 4 and 3
2) Ian Attoe & David Archibald beat Jimmy Bull & Stephen Billings by 1 hole
3) Andrew Jessop & Ewan Cameron beat Ed Clutton & Stuart Lloyd by 7 and 6
4) Mike Morrison & David McLeary beat John Lavelle & Paul Woodhouse by 4 and 3
5) Andrew Thomson & Doug Graham lost to Alastair Wells & George Yeandle by 2 and 1
6) Nick Norton & Michael Choong beat Jeremy Smith & Neil Falconer by 3 and 2

Afternoon Result: SUGS 4 - 2 LUGS


Overall Result: SUGS 9 - 3 LUGS

Dundee University - Gleneagles (Queens) – 5 April 2009

Match reduced to 4 pairings instead of the usual 5 as the students were unable to field a full team - this allowed James Haggart to go clay pigeon shooting instead and Mike Mullins to adopt the role of non-playing Captain! Despite (or should that be "As a consequence of..."!) the loss of these 2 players the SUGS side recorded an impressive 4 - 0 victory, each match winning by 4 and 3 in cold and blustery conditions.



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Graeme Belch & Dougie Hunter beat Ian McMillan & Conor Finlay by 4 and 3
2) Stephen Carruthers & Bobby Watson beat Adam Killen & David Currie by 4 and 3
3) Neil Steven & Robin Duncan beat Stuart Cramb & Ian Finlay by 4 and 3
4) Stuart Farmer & David Greenshields beat Grant Payne & Marc Liddel by 4 and 3


Result: SUGS 4 - 0 Dundee University

Spring Meeting - Prestwick GC - 17 April 2009

Baird / Purdie trophy
1) Dougie Hunter - 77
2) Jim Kinloch - 79
3) Andrew Jessop - 80


C R Duncan Leeds Trophy (c/o from Autumn Meeting 2008):
1) Jonathan Palmer - 32 net stableford points (BIH)


Seniors Salver (c/o from Autumn Meeting 2008):
1) Robin Duncan - 32 net stableford points

Aberdeen SUGS - Royal Aberdeen GC - 26 April 2009

The match contained what is now becoming a customary 'inventive' selection process. Great to be able to manage one side and play for the opposition at the same time, and end up winning on both counts !


A.M. Results (SUGS names first)
1) David Douglas & Andy Gray lost to Ian McPherson & Willie Park by 3 and 2
2) Alistair Pugh & David Rennie lost to John Johnston & Alastair Morgan by 5 and 4
3) James Haggart & Jonathan Dargie lost to Donald Macandrew & Peter Burnet by 2 and 1
4) Richard Inglis & Keith Shanks lost to Graeme Webster & Niall Farquharson by 4 and 3

Morning Result: SUGS 0 - 4 Aberdeen SUGS


P.M. Results (SUGS names first)
1) Andy Gray & Alistair Pugh lost to Ian McPherson & John Johnston by 1 hole
2) James Haggart & Jonathan Dargie beat Willie Park & Alastair Morgan by 6 and 5
3) Keith Shanks & Martin Duncan beat Donald Macandrew & Graeme Webster by 3 and 2
4) Richard Inglis & David Douglas lost to Niall Farquharson & Peter Burnet by 5 and 4

Afternoon Result: SUGS 2 - 2 Aberdeen SUGS


Overall Result: SUGS 2 - 6 Aberdeen SUGS

Dispatch Trophy – Braids – 23 May 2009

With a strong team comprising Dougie Hunter, Neil Steven, Ross Thomson and Duncan Martin, hopes were high that SUGS could repeat some of the previous glories in the Dispatch, and this was confirmed by a convincing 12 & 11 win in the first round over Morningside. However, things very quickly changed for the worse, when Hunter and Thomson emerged from the Harrison clubhouse following the first round tie to find that their clubs had been stolen from the back of Hunter's car and with it a cruel exit from the Dispatch.


Midlothian Ladies - Gullane 2 - 5 June 2009

Both sides were back to full numbers for the 2009 encounter, the year Midlothian Ladies celebrated their centenary. Gullane 2 was in excellent condition, and combined with sunny conditions, made a perfect setting for evening golf. Sadly the MCLGA Captain, Tracy Laughland, was unable to play due to illness, but MCLGA were very ably led by Vice Captain Mary Richardson to a comfortable 4 - 1 victory, and their first Stags Trophy win since it was donated by MCLGA during the SUGS centenary in 2006. For their part, SUGS marked the MCLGA centenary with the gift of a crystal decanter, to be filled with a tipple of the ladies' choosing! The match was followed by a buffet supper in the Visitors' Clubhouse, and was as ever, a very enjoyable evening.



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Neil Steven & Jonathan Dargie beat Jane Turner & Rachel Watton by 5 and 3
2) Andrew Thomson & Kenny McKay lost to Noreen Fenton & Linda Caine by 1 hole
3) Richard Inglis & John Wood lost to Gillian Simpson & Gabrielle McDonald by 4 and 3
4) Tim Edward & Douglas May lost to Mary Richardson & Sal Shepherd by 3 and 2
5) Jim Barnet & Sandy Kirkwood lost to Karen Marshall & Claire Hargan by 1 hole

Result: SUGS 1 - 4 Midlothian Ladies

Gullane GC - Gullane No 1 - 16 August 2009

This year's match was played in breezy conditions over Gullane 1. Following a late call off, SUGS were a man short, but the Gullane GC Secretary, Stephen Anthony, very nobly agreed to become an honorary SUG for the afternoon. The match was preceded by an excellent lunch in the Gullane clubhouse, followed by the customary post lunch libation, timed to perfection by one SUG who shall remain nameless, who was able to proceed straight from the clubhouse to play the approach shot to the first green!

Despite an early win in match 1, the strength of the Gullane side showed in matches 2-4 which all resulted in home wins, but a magnificient effort by Jim Barnet and Stephen Anthony in the last match saw them secure a 2 & 1 win against the experienced Gullane duo of Corrie and Davidson, making the scoreline slight more respectable - albeit a narrow loss for SUGS!



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Neil Steven & Graham Clarke beat Keith McCall & Sandy Kirkwood by 5 and 4
2) Dave Greenshields & Simon Holt lost to Lindsay Gordon & Robert Dick by 1 hole
3) Andrew Thomson & Robin Duncan lost to Alan Smith & Duncan Arthur by 4 and 2
4) Andrew McCrone & Jonathan Palmer lost to J A F Macdonald & G A Taylor by 1 hole
5) Jim Barnet & Stephen Anthony beat Mike Corrie & Neil Davidson by 2 and 1


Result: SUGS 2 - 3 Gullane Golf Club

St Andrews SUGS - St Andrews (Jubilee) - 30 August 2009

The match for the GUR Trophy was played on the Jubilee in warm and breezy conditions, preceded by an excellent dinner on the Saturday evening in the New GC attended by 10 players, including the SUGS Captain Richard Inglis and Vice Captain David McLeary, with the draw for the fourball pairings being carried out after dinner in the time honoured fashion. Following two halved games the SUGS tail wagged, winning the last two games to run out convincing victors, taking the SUGS Team's unbeaten run to 8 in a row....roll on.



Results (SUGS names first):
1) M Reid & R Duncan halved with I Kerr & H Phillips
2) D Reekie & M Mullins halved with A Russell (Capt) & C Fotheringham
3) R Inglis & S Govenlock bt M Drummond & DB Mcleary 3&2
4) FH McCluskey (Capt) & J Lloyd bt D Reid & G Murray 2&1


Result: SUGS 3 - 1 St Andrews SUGS

Oxford & Cambridge Golfing Society – Gullane – 6 September 2009

The (now) annual match between SUGS and Oxford & Cambridge Golfing Society was played at Gullane; 12-a-side over 36 holes of scratch foursomes with one round on Gullane No.2 and a second round on Gullane No.1. Preceding the match, a dinner was held in the Gullane clubhouse and attended, besides the two teams, which included the current Chairman of the Rules of Golf Committee (Alan Holmes) and Chairman of the Championship Committee (Michael Brown), by the Gullane Golf Club secretary Stephen Anthony, Archie Baird, former President of SUGS (1997 to 2007) and soon to be 85 years old, and Sir Garth Morrison, Lord Lieutenant of East Lothian, a senior member of O&CGS and a three-time ‘blue’ at Cambridge between 1964 and 1966.

SUGS captain Richard Inglis spoke for the hosts and Rob Mann replied for the guests. Archie Baird said grace. Gordon Simmonds gave a brief reminder about the fact that between the two societies there had been 34 GB&I Walker Cup players and captains, including the current captain Colin Dalgleish whose health and that of his team was warmly toasted by all present.

Following an excellent dinner, seven of the visiting team, for reasons known only to those still in their late 20s, travelled to Edinburgh. It would their undoing a few hours later as the SUGS, in a very strong and cool westerly wind, took command of the match with three victories in the first three morning matches. Most notable, perhaps, was the way in which victory was achieved by the match organizer and Dr. James Bryce against Matt Webster and Alan Holmes.

Insisting that the ball he was about to play on the 14th fairway was that of his side, Mr. Holmes, then four-down, proceeded to play onto the green first followed afterward by Mr. Simmonds. Marking the SUGS ball after Dr. Bryce had putted close to the hole, Mr. Simmonds noticed that it was a wrong ball; indeed, it was that of the opposition. Under the Rules, as well known by ‘the Chairman’, it meant loss of hole, and the match, because he had been first to play a wrong ball.

O&CGS stayed in touch with two good wins in matches four and five before the SUGS captain and Andrew McCrone registered a welcome point in the final game of the morning to allow SUGS to enjoy an important lead at the break.

A longer lunch than ideal, on account of the tee on No.1 being booked for a match between Gullane juniors and Loretto School (20-a-side), clearly benefitted the opposition rather than SUGS because the first three matches in the afternoon all went the way of O&CGS. Messrs Cameron and Johnson stopped the rot with a comfortable victory in the fourth match but when Andrew Biggart and Will McWilliams lost the last three holes, and the match, to Holmes and Orchard, the Quaich looked to be headed ‘south’. However, the current SUGS captain and vice-captain Dr. McLeary are made of stern stuff and despite being five-down after five holes rebounded brilliantly to record a one hole win. Match score tied and Quaich retained!

Gordon G. Simmonds
7 September 2009


Results (SUGS names first)
A.M. Results (SUGS names first - Foursomes - Gullane 2)
1) Sandy Gray & Ewan Cameron beat Dr. Ian Smith & Michael Gray by 4 and 3
2) Dr. James Bryce & Gordon Simmonds beat Alan Holmes & Matthew Webster by 5 and 4
3) Dr. Lance Sloan & Andrew Biggart lost to Rob Mann & Alastair Davidson by 3 and 2
4) Mike Brown & Will McWilliams beat Hamish Phillips & Philip Bickerton by 5 and 4
5) Dr. David McLeary & Edward Johnston lost to Tim Hanson & Dr. Michael Canty by 3 and 2
6) Richard Inglis & Andrew McCrone beat Heston Orchard & James Partington by 1 hole

Morning Result: SUGS 4 - 2 OCGS


P.M. (SUGS names first - Foursomes - Gullane 1)
1) Dr. Lance Sloan & Sandy Gray lost to Michael Gray & Philip Bickerton by 3 and 2
2) Dr. James Bryce & Andrew McCrone lost to Matthew Webster & Rob Mann by 2 and 1
3) Mike Brown & Gordon Simmonds lost to Dr. Ian Smith & Dr. Michael Canty by 1 hole
4) Ewan Cameron & Edward Johnston beat Tim Hanson & Hamish Phillips by 3 and 2
5) Andrew Biggart & Will McWilliams lost to Heston Orchard & Alan Holmes by 1 hole
6) Richard Inglis & Dr. David McLeary beat Alastair Davidson & James Partington by 1 hole

Afternoon Result: SUGS 4 - 2 OCGS


Overall Result: SUGS 6 - 6 OCGS

Queens University GS - Muirfield / Luffness – 24-25 September 2009

Day 1 - Results from Muirfield - SUGS names first
1) Bobby White & Keith Oliver lost to Craig Fleming & Alistair Dick by 3 and 2
2) Nicky Gold & Graeme Belch halved with Gary Jones & Johnny McNeill
3) Andrew Jessop & Richard Smith halved with Keith McGarry & Andrew Piggott
4) Ewan Cameron & David McLeary lost to Colin Darragh & Peter Dick by 1 hole
5) Hugh Harvie & Alec Hay beat Andrew Dick & Alan Irwin by 1 hole
6) Robin Duncan & Alastair Brown lost to Ian Young & Arthur Bell by 3 and 2
7) Colin Steele & James Bryce halved with Geoff Todd & Phil McKeag
8) Pat Burnet & Alan Blair beat Peter Conlon & Rab Brady by 1 hole

Morning Result: SUGS 3½ - 4½ QUGS


1) Nicky Gold & Andrew Jessop halved with Craig Fleming & Keith McGarry
2) Ewan Cameron & Graeme Belch halved with Gary Jones & Andrew Piggott
3) Richard Smith & Hugh Harvie lost to Colin Darragh & Phil McKeag by 2 and 1
4) Alastair Brown & Colin Steele beat Alistair Dick & Johnny McNeill by 4 and 3
5) Peter Brown & David McLeary beat Ian Young & Andrew Dick by 2 and 1
6) James Cook & James Bryce beat Arthur Bell & Peter Dick by 3 and 2
7) Clifford Hastings & Pat Burnet beat Peter Conlon & Geoff Todd by 5 and 4
8) Robin Duncan & Alan Blair halved with Rab Brady & Alan Irwin

Afternoon Result: SUGS 5½ - 2½ QUGS


Day 1 Result: SUGS 9 - 7 QUGS


Day 2 - Results from Gullane 1 - SUGS names first
1) Lindsay Gordon & Neil Steven halved with Keith McGarry & Gary Jones
2) Graeme Belch & Andrew Jessop beat Craig Fleming & Colin Darragh by 4 and 3
3) Ewan Cameron & Colin Steele lost to Ian Young & Johnny McNeill by 2 and 1
4) Andrew McCrone & Will McWilliam halved with Alistair Dick & Andrew Piggot
5) James Haggart & Hamish Phillips lost to Andrew Dick & Phil McKeag by 1 hole
6) Kenny McKay & John Hall lost to Peter Dick & Alan Irwin by 3 and 2
7) Mike Todd & David Anderson lost to Rab Brady & Geoff Todd by 2 and 1
8) Alan Blair & David McLeary halved with Peter Conlon & Arthur Bell

Morning Result: SUGS 2½ - 5½ QUGS


1) Neil Steven & Graeme Belch beat Keith McGarry & Colin Darragh by 2 and 1
2) Lindsay Gordon & Andrew Jessop lost to Gary Jones & Ian Young by 5 and 4
3) Ewan Cameron & John Hall beat Johnny McNeill & Phil McKeag by 6 and 5
4) Andrew McCrone & Hamish Phillips lost to Andrew Piggot & Craig Fleming by 3 and 2
5) Kenny McKay & Will McWilliams beat Peter Dick & Andrew Dick by 3 and 2
6) James Haggart & Colin Steele beat Alistair Dick & Arthur Bell by 1 hole
7) David McLeary & David Anderson lost to Peter Conlon & Alan Irwin by 2 and 1
8) Mike Todd & Alan Blair beat Rab Brady & Geoff Todd by 1 hole

Afternoon Result: SUGS 5 - 3 QUGS


Day 2 Result: SUGS 7½ - 8½ QUGS

Overall Result: SUGS 16½ - 15½ QUGS

QUGS Seniors - Gullane / Muirfield 24-25 September 2009

This match was a new addition to the fixture list for 2009, and was arranged following a suggestion by Ian Dick. To avoid overcrowding, Gullane and Muirfield were played on the alternative days from the main match. Although this was classed a separate match from the main 16 a-side game and the scores kept separate, there was an opportunity for all participants to congregate over dinner in the evening, and it is to be hoped that this fixture will continue in future years, even if it does add to the already considerable organisational challenges!



Day 1 - Results from Gullane 1 - SUGS names first
1) Jim Barnet & Sandy Kirkwood halved with Ian Sanderson & Jim McKelvey
2) Ian Currie & David Anderson lost to Ian Dick & Edward Carson by 2 and 1


Day 2 - Results from Muirfield - SUGS names first
1) Bobby White & Robin Duncan beat Ian Sanderson & Edward Carson by 5 and 4
2) Clifford Hastings & Jim Barnet beat Jim McKelvey & Ian Dick by 5 and 4


Result: SUGS Seniors 2½ - 1½ QUGS Seniors

Autumn Meeting - Gullane 2 - 24 October 2009

W N Boase Putter:
1) Andrew Jessop - 65 scratch stableford points
2) Andrew McCrone - 60 scratch stableford points


R S Sloan Trophy:
1) Andrew Thomson - 29 scratch stableford points (BIH)
2) Andrew McCrone - 29 scratch stableford points


C R Duncan Leeds Trophy:
1) Andrew McCrone - 34 net stableford points
2) Andrew Biggart - 33 net stableford points


Seniors Salver:
1) Andrew McCrone - 34 net stableford points
2) Robin Duncan - 31 net stableford points

Aberdeen University - Royal Aberdeen - 25 October 2009

Having rescheduled in 2008 to the last Sunday in October, and having benefited from playing from the Balgownie summer medal tees, the decision was taken to retain this position on the 2009 calendar.  The one drawback was that the match was now scheduled on the day immediately after the AGM and Annual Meeting at Gullane, so the devotion of newly elected SUGS captain David McLeary in making the journey north must surely be noted. With the end of British Summer Time, he did of course have an extra hour's sleep, so perhaps that helped sway David's decision !

The SUGS team welcomed four debutants to this particular match, namely David McLeary himself, Roger Laird, Nick Norton (on a flying visit from London) and Nick Macandrew, who, although a student himself, kindly agreed to step in at late notice to complete the SUGS team.

In similar circumstances to last year, conditions throughout the preceding week were dreadful with high winds and heavy rainfall, particularly in the 24 hours before the match, so once again it was a welcome relief to play within a weather-window of relative calm.  Unfortunately the similarities with 2008 continued, with the strong University side proving to be too talented for the 'auld heids'.  Defeat followed by a margin of 5 matches to 1.  Perhaps next year we need to play in really foul conditions to try to attain some sort of equilibrium - apologies if that's tempting fate !

A high standard was set from the start with the regular birdies of the lead student pairing gradually building up an advantage which Roger Laird and Nick Norton could not overcome. The SUGS team's single victory, only our second full point in this match in 4 years, was attained by the second pairing of Gavin Greer and Jim Christie.  Gavin sealed the win in style with a 30 foot putt on the final green.  The third match was equally close with three consecutive birdies on the front nine from Duncan Arthur and a chip-in on the 13th from Corin Fitch-Stewart giving the students a lead which they did not relinquish, although Donald Macandrew and Niall Farquharson were in pursuit and took the match to the final green.  The final three matches all resulted in relatively comfortable wins for the students.  In the final match, the students Neil Gordon and Cameron Hay birdied each of the first 3 holes, and added another at the 5th.  In opposition, I must admit that my eclectic score for the whole year would have struggled badly to compete with this birdie barrage.

The students are certainly keen and enthusastic, and indeed it should be noted that captain Neil Gordon rearranged an inter-university league match in order to play the SUGS match.  With several of their team graduating this year, I'm hopeful that one or two will remain in the area so that the SUGS team can call on their services next year.



Results (SUGS names first)
1)  Roger Laird and Nick Norton lost to Douglas Maxwell and Blair Mackay by 3 and 2
2)  Gavin Greer and Jim Christie beat Anand Shah and Chris Maycock by one hole
3)  Donald Macandrew and Niall Farquharson lost to Corin Fitch-Stewart and Duncan Arthur by one hole
4)  Willie Park and Jonathan Dargie lost to Donald Brown and Malo Scullion by 3 and 2
5)  Alastair Morgan and David McLeary lost to John Duff and Ross Crummey by 6 and 5
6)  Martin Duncan and Nick Macandrew lost to Neil Gordon and Cameron Hay by 5 and 4


Result: SUGS 1 - 5 Aberdeen University

Edinburgh University - Gullane No 2 - 31 October 2009

Despite a weakened Edinburgh team (EUGC also had a match against Elie today) they were still strong enough to see off a good SUGS side in this four ball encounter over Gullane 2. The match was followed by lunch in the main clubhouse which was enjoyed by all. The Hon Sec (absent from this match) was advised that Captain David McLeary spoke very well, and the students were duly presented with the Roy Thompson trophy.



Results from Gullane (SUGS names first)
1) Neil Steven & Graham Clarke halved with Scott Henderson & Iain Finlay
2) Graeme Belch & Sandy Phillips lost to Alex Main & Jake Halliday by 1 hole
3) Duncan Martin & Kenny Mackay halved with Sam Baird & Robert Gallon
4) Dougie Hunter & Ross Thomson beat Robert Spratt & Colin Geiger by 2 and 1
5) David McLeary & Douglas Morton lost to Jonny & Joe by 3 and 2


Result: SUGS 2 - 3 Edinburgh University

Luffness New GC - Luffness – 29 November 2009

The final fixture for both SUGS and Luffness in 2009 was eagerly looked forward to by both sides, although at times it was doubtful whether any golf would take place, given the warm sanctuary provided by the clubhouse, and the ferocious squalls beating across the Luffness links. However, having enjoyed an excellent lunch, it was only right that it should be worked off by an afternoon's golf. The layout of the Luffness course came into its own (5th tee and 12th green close to clubhouse), with all matches being played over 12 or 14 holes. The weather was ideally suited to foursomes golf, and whilst the top matches all went the way of the hosts, the SUGS tail restored some pride, and secured a very amicable draw, in match that espouses all that is good about the ancient game.



Results (SUGS names first)
1) David McLeary & Duncan Lawrie lost to David Loudon & Colin Cuthbert
2) Hugh Harvie & Sandy Phillips lost to Keith Yuille & Max Gaunt
3) Richard Inglis & Kenny McKay lost to Ian Bryson & Richard Dickinson
4) Colin Steele & Robin Duncan beat Colin Wood & David Graham
5) Andrew Thomson & Hamish Phillips beat Dennis Kerr & Robbie Law
6) Mike Mullins & Charles Hammond beat Alastair Milne & Peter Grant


Result: SUGS 3 - 3 Luffness New GC

Matches Not Played

Glasgow University

Scottish Universities

Stirling University

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