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LUGS 2006
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StA 2006

London University GS – Muirfield – 24 February 2006

A.M. (SUGS names first)
1) Neil Steven & Fraser McCluskey beat Stuart Lloyd & Hugh Maurice by 5 and 3
2) Dougie Hunter & Graeme Belch beat George Yeandle & Brian Eccles by 7 and 6
3) David Archibald & Andrew Thomson lost to Alex Modgiel & Neil Falconer by 2 and 1
4) David McCleary & Richard Inglis lost to Jeremy Smith & Alistair Wells by 6 and 5
5) Roy Maconochie & Mike Morrison halved with Michael Kershaw & Sam Baker
6) David Purdie & Euan Cameron lost to Mark Proffit & Gareth Young by 2 and 1


Morning Result: SUGS 2½ – 3½ LUGS

1) John Davie & Dougie Hunter beat Michael Kershaw & Mark Proffit by 2 and 1
2) Fraser McCluskey & Andrew Thomson beat Stuart Lloyd & Brian Eccles by 2 and 1
3) David Archibald & Graeme Belch beat Hugh Maurice & Gareth Young by 2 and 1
4) Neil Steven & Mike Morrison halved with Alex Modgiel & Sam Baker
5) David McCleary & Euan Cameron beat Neil Falconer & Jeremy Smith by 1 hole
6) Richard Inglis & Roy Maconochie lost to Alistair Wells & George Yeandle by 1 hole


Afternoon Result: SUGS 4½ – 1½ LUGS


Overall Result: SUGS 7 – 5 LUGS

Strathclyde University – Western Gailes – 5 March 2006

Those who made it to Western Gailes for this match could themselves amongst the fortunate few, as snow and frost had closed many courses throughout Scotland (including Gleneagles, which was due to have hosted the SUGS vs Dundee University match on the same day). With some snow on Goatfell, plenty of blue sky, and a course in excellent condition, Western Gailes had it all. The match may have been a first for a SUGS (and indeed Strathclyde) fixture, in that 2 sets of twins played against each other – the Kinloch brothers for SUGS against the McInroy brothers for Strathclyde. Youth proved victorious in this encounter, but wins for SUGS in the other 3 matches ensured a 3-1 win overall.



Results (SUGS names first)
1) N Gold & A Thomson beat A Leggate & C Colraine by 1 hole
2) G Munro & D Copland beat A Gordon & R McLeod by 7 and 6
3) J Yuille & R Muckart beat A Brown & G Minnes by 3 and 2
4) P Kinloch & J Kinloch lost to D McInroy & G McInroy by 5 and 4


Result: SUGS 3 – 1 Strathclyde University

Dublin University GS – Portmarnock – 10 March 2006

A.M. Results (SUGS names first)
1) B Bell & G Belch lost to David Conway & M Brett by 6 and 5
2) D Rennie & C Steele lost to D Heather & N Dillon by 2 holes
3) I Smith & D Archibald beat K Flanagan & P Pigott by 5 and 4
4) N Farquharson & J Haggart lost to J Conway & D Fleury by 1 hole
5) R Duncan & M Mullins lost to A Jameson & H Lauder by 6 and 5
6) CK Oliver & R Inglis lost to C O’Brien & G Caldwell by 2 holes


Morning Result: SUGS 1 – 5 DUGS


1) G Belch & C Steele beat M Brett & P Pigott by 3 and 1
2) B Bell & D Archibald lost to D Heather & K Flanagan by 1 hole
3) D Rennie & J Haggart beat D Conway & N Dillon by 4 and 3
4) N Farquharson & R Duncan beat J Conway & H Lauder by 3 and 2
5) I Smith & CK Oliver beat C O’Brien & A Jameson by 1 hole
6) M Mullins & R Inglis halved with G Caldwell & P Lennon


Afternoon Result: SUGS 4½ – 1½ DUGS


Overall Result: SUGS 5½ – 6½ DUGS

Heriot Watt University – Gullane 2 – 12 March 2006

Match cancelled – snow.

St Andrew University – St Andrews (Strathtyrum & Old) – 18 March 2006

After back to back wins in 2004 and 2005, we travelled in hope of completing the treble having retained many of the winning team members from last year. However it was not to be. The morning matches (foursomes) were played over the Strathtyrum Course in a cold easterly breeze with an occasional spot or two of rain. For the afternoon matches (fourballs) on the Old Course the weather was much improved with hardly any wind and the odd spot of sunshine making it feel considerably warmer although this warmth may also have been down to the post lunch Kummel enjoyed by many.

The Strathtyrum Course was not in great shape with some temporary greens in operation and where main greens were in use they were heavily tined. Only Gold and McCluskey held their own against the students although the top pair of Belch and Hunter did contrive a remarkable fight-back from five down after six (the students appear to have been three or four under for these holes) to lose on the last. In the final match last year’s university captain, Alasdair Woodman, was unable to shoulder the burden of playing with the aging and short of length match captain despite some excellent shot making.


As usual SUGS showed much better form in the afternoon after a good lunch in the R&A Clubhouse. It was a surprise that the lead pair lost but there were excellent wins for the local pairing of McCluskey and Lawrie and for Hunter and Steele. The secretary and Woodman met an in form first team player in Ross Lando ably assisted by this year’s university captain whilst Maconachie and Sloan combined well to win at the sixteenth. In the final match the students were held for the first six holes but a two under run from Steve Hillson over the next ten holes was too good for the SUGS pair.


R D Muckart (Match Captain)


A.M. (SUGS names first)
1) G Belch & D Hunter lost to G Davidson & R Lando by 1 hole
2) N Gold & F McCluskey halved with V Semenuk & J Hetherington
3) D Lawrie & A Thomson lost to H Finnegan & S Hillson by 3 and 2
4) C Steele & L Sloan lost to M Shepherd & A McKinley by 3 and 2
5) R Maconochie & R Duncan lost to M Roxburgh & M Dickson by 2 and 1
6) A Woodman & R Muckart lost to M Adler & C Brown by 4 and 3


Morning Result: SUGS ½ – 5½ St Andrews University


1) G Belch & N Gold lost to A McKinley & M Dickson by 4 and 3
2) F McCluskey & D Lawrie beat M Roxburgh & M Adler by 2 and 1
3) D Hunter & C Steele beat H Finnegan & G Davidson by 1 hole
4) A Thomson & A Woodman lost to M Shepherd & R Lando by 5 and 3
5) R Maconochie & L Sloan beat V Semenuk & C Brown by 3 and 2
6) R Duncan & R Muckart lost to S Hillson & J Hetherington by 3 and 2


Afternoon Result: SUGS 3 – 3 St Andrews University


Overall Result: SUGS 3½ – 8½ St Andrews University

Glasgow University – Glasgow Gailes – 2 April 2006


Fresh from a week at the Scottish Universities Championships, where they reached the quarterfinals, Glasgow University were in formidable form at Glasgow Gailes. Although a half match against eternal student Fernside and late call up Hickey left the match in the balance, a strong back nine by captain Jamie Spaven and partner Euan Cairns sent the match the way of the university and a narrow victory in the last match ended the rout. The weather was once again kind but perhaps the old boys would fare better in a howling gale and horizontal rain!
A return to the old fixture date, when the university struggle for a team due to exam pressures, may be in order for next year to ensure a SUGS team victory.



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Graeme Belch & Mike Mullins lost to Chris Hawkins & Frazer Inglis by 3 and 2
2) David Douglas & Jim Kinloch halved with Alistair Fernside & Barry Hickey
3) Gavin Greer & Paul Stevens lost to Jamie Spaven & Euan Cairns by 2 and 1
4) Peter Kinloch & Dougie Hunter lost to Robert Hutton & Ville Sinkkoner by 1 hole


Result: SUGS ½ – 3½ Glasgow University

Spring Meeting – Prestwick GC – 21 April 2006


A glorious day, the first proper Spring day of 2006 in the opinion of many, greeted members to this year’s Spring Meeting at Prestwick. As usual, an excellent lunch was enjoyed by all beforehand, and with copies of the SUGS Centenary History available, having been printed in Singapore and shipped across 3 days beforehand (what would our predecessors have made of that?!!), there was much to talk about. It was a pleasure to see our President, as joint instigator of this event, in attendance for lunch. Additionally, there were a number of less seasoned members making their debut in the Spring Meeting.

With plenty of sunshine and a gentle breeze, scoring conditions were ideal, but sadly few proved up to the challenge (too much refreshment beforehand?) and Prestwick’s bunkers proved to be a card wrecker for many. Thankfully, the Vice Captain was there to remind observers that SUGS does actually have a few golfers amongst the membership, and won comfortably with a fine 71. Results as below.



Baird Purdie Trophy
1) Graeme Belch – 71
2) John Davie – 76
3) Jim Kinloch – 79


1) Mike Brown – 75 (BIH)

Aberdeen SUGS – Royal Aberdeen – 23 April 2006

Results from Balgownie (SUGS names first)
A.M. (Foursomes)
1) Lance Sloan & Bobby Alexander lost to Jim Christie & Neil Harper by 3 and 2
2) David Douglas & Robin Duncan lost to Willie Park & Niall Farquharson by 5 and 4
3) Mike Todd & Ian Currie lost to Martin Duncan & Hamish Macnaughtan by 6 and 5
4) James Haggart & Mike Mullins lost to John Laing & David Macfarlane by 4 and 3
5) Tim Edward & Nigel Watt lost to Alastair Morgan & Graham Young by 3 and 2


Morning Result: SUGS 0 – 5 Aberdeen SUGS


P.M. (Foursomes)
1) Ian Currie & Bobby Alexander lost to Willie Park & Neil Harper by 2 holes
2) Lance Sloan & Mike Todd lost to Mike Wheeler & Hamish Macnaughtan by 3 and 2
3) James Haggart & Robin Duncan halved with Martin Duncan & Niall Farquharson
4) Tim Edward & Mike Mullins lost to Graham Young & David Macfarlane by 5 and 4
5) Nigel Watt & David Douglas lost to Alastair Morgan & Jon Christiansen by 3 and 2


Afternoon Result: SUGS ½ – 4½ Aberdeen SUGS


Overall Result: SUGS ½ – 9½ Aberdeen SUGS

Scottish Universities – Royal Burgess – 12 May 2006


This year’s match was played at the Royal Burgess for the first time. Given the venue, it was perhaps not surprising that the Scottish Universities team had a very definite Edinburgh bias this year with six of the ten from Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University. The remainder comprising of two from both Aberdeen and Strathclyde. Although SUGS had a strong top order they perhaps lacked strength in depth which made the students once again favourities.

After a week of very fine weather it was hoped that the match could be enjoyed in similar conditions and thankfully this was the case for the morning foursomes. In the second match local man McCluskey and Wallace produced some excellent golf to win comfortably. The other SUGS victory was secured by Reekie and Steven who got off to a flying start winning the first four holes and never looking back. However, SUGS had less success in the other three matches. In the top match a spirited fight back from three down was squandered after tangling with the clubhouse from the last tee. The final two matches saw SUGS battling to keep in touch with the students all the way round but the effort was in vain as the students showed their class on the eighteenth by driving the green in both matches and giving themselves eagle opportunities. The students therefore went into lunch with a one point advantage.


A very good if somewhat hurried lunch was taken in the clubhouse where the players were joined by Andrew Thomson, the SUGS secretary. Andrew did his usual best to promote SUGS to the students whilst also being successful selling some of the SUGS centenary merchandise.


After such a good morning it was disappointing that the weather changed for the worse for the afternoon fourballs; a strong wind picked up and the temperature dropped considerably. The climatic change certainly didn’t put SUGS off in the top few matches. McLuskey and Gold had a good win in the top match. McLuskey hitting his hit tee shot very close at the last to ensure victory. The next two matches were also won by SUGS. Reekie collected another point in the afternoon very ably assisted by the many times past Burgess club champion Yuille. In the third match Wallace continued his fine form of the morning to secure a win with Govenlock. Unfortunately, SUGS could not continue the trend. Match four was all St Andrews New Club fair with the students led by captain Wilkie securing the bragging rights with a good victory. The final match saw SUGS players Steele and Haswell come back from three down to be all square with three to play by combining some poor tee to green golf with an excellent display of putting. However, SUGS capitulated at the sixteenth and an excellent student birdie at the next ensured a much deserved win for the students, thus making the overall match score an honourable draw.


Following the golf SUGS captain Mike Mullins joined the players for a post match drink in the clubhouse and spoke a few words about the history of the fixture and the Society itself; some of the SUGS members taking particular pleasure in being described as the golfing cream of the Society! This was the first time this fixture had been played at the Royal Burgess and he mentioned thanks for the club. Indeed, after the success of the entire day it was hoped that this would be the venue for the foreseeable future.


Colin Steele – SUGS Match Captain


Results (A.M. – Foursomes, SUGS names first)
1) John Yuille & Nicky Gold lost to Sandy Phillps & Blair MacKay by 1 hole
2) David Wallace & Fraser McCluskey beat Alex Robertson & Ross MacDonald by 5 and 4
3) Donald Reekie & Neil Steven beat Ally Leggate & Ross MacLeod by 3 and 2
4) Derek Haswell & Stephen Govenlock lost to Ross Duncan & Scott Finlay by 1 hole
5) Alan Chisholm & Colin Steele lost to Mark Wilkie & Dave Greenshields by 2 holes


Morning Result: SUGS 2 – 3 Scottish Universities


Results (P.M. – Fourballs, SUGS names first)
1) Fraser McCluskey & Nicky Gold beat Ross MacLeod & Blair MacKay by 1 hole
2) Donald Reekie & John Yuille beat Ross MacDonald & Sandy Phillips by 3 and 2
3) David Wallace & Stephen Govenlock beat Ally Leggate & Alex Robertson by 3 and 2
4) Alan Chisholm & Neil Steven lost to Mark Wilkie & Scott Finlay by 5 and 4
5) Colin Steele & Derek Haswell lost to Dave Greenshields & Ross Duncan by 2 and 1


Afternoon Result: SUGS 3 – 2 Scottish Universities


Overall Result: SUGS 5 – 5 Scottish Universities

Dundee University – Gleneagles (Queens) – 14 May 2006


Thankfully, the second attempt to plan this fixture in 2006 was not thwarted by the weather (snow had kept golfers at bay in March), and the Queen’s Course, Gleneagles, was found to be in bathed in sunshine (continuing the trend of good weather for SUGS matches in 2006), with the course in the usual good condition. This match coincided with a Radio 1 festival weekend in Dundee which some of the students had attended. A lack of sleep and the odd hangover amongst the students should have been a good omen to SUGS, but the Dundee side proved they were made of stern stuff, and managed to sneak a 3-2 win overall.



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Dougie Hunter & Graeme Belch halved with Ray Perry & George Findlay
2) James Haggart & Robin Duncan halved with Ian McHoul & Greg Anderson
3) Andrew Thomson & Stuart Farmer beat Scott McBride & Andy Keir by 2 and 1
4) Mike Mullins & Ian Jones lost to Murray Taylor & Ian McMillan by 1 hole
5) Charles Hammond & Brian Harkins lost to Mark Liddell & Stuart Sampson by 1 hole


Result: SUGS 2 – 3 Dundee University

Midlothian Ladies – Gullane 2 – 2 June 2006


This year’s match continued the trend of previous years – a summer evening of foursomes played over Gullane 2 followed by a bar meal in the Visitors’ Clubhouse. The match ended in an amicable draw. Midlothian Ladies very kindly chose to mark the SUGS centenary by presenting a very appropriate “stags” trophy after the meal. As this match does not currently have a trophy at stake, it was decided that the trophy would be played for from 2007 onwards.



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Michael Mullins & Andrew McCrone lost to Kirsten Blackwood & Karen Marshall by 5 and 4
2) Andrew Thomson & Richard Harvey beat Tracy Laughland & Wendy Nicholson by 3 and 2
3) Tim Edwards & Douglas May halved with Liz Stewart & Ellice Cackett
4) John Wood & Jim Barnett lost to Mandy Easton & Gillian Kirkwood by 3 and 2
5) Nigel Watt & Joanne Watt beat Pamela Williamson & Margaret McPherson by 1 hole


Result: SUGS 2½ – 2½ Midlothian Ladies

Glasgow SUGS – Dunbar – 9 June 2006


Results (SUGS names first)
1) A Woodman & M Hillson beat C Davidson & C Black by 5 and 4
2) N Johnson & D Reekie beat D Haswell & W McWilliams by 1 hole
3) R Duncan & J Hall beat A Biggart & C Lowson by 3 and 1
4) A Landsburgh & A Nicoll lost to C Fotheringham & A Russell by 2 and 1


Result: SUGS 3 – 1 Glasgow SUGS


NB – Golf was also played in the afternoon, but the sides were mixed. The result therefore stands as a 3-1 victory for SUGS. [Postscript – as of July 2015, the Glasgow SUGS match has not been played since the 2006 encounter.]

St Andrews SUGS – St Andrews (Jubilee) – 27 August 2006


The normal format for this match continued, with dinner on the Saturday evening, preceded and followed by visits to some of the local hostelries. A healthy turnout of 13 dined at the New Club, where the pairings for the following day were drawn in time honoured fashion. Two members made their debut in this particular fixture at opposite ends of the SUGS “caps” list – Mark Hillson (recent graduate from St Andrews, playing in his 2nd SUGS match), and Nigel Watt (playing in his 131st SUGS fixture). A welcome boost to the post dinner drinks was provided Stirling University student Richard Ramsay, whose exploits in the semi finals of the US Amateur Championship were being broadcast on television.

A leisurely start on Sunday was made possible by an 11.20 tee off on Jubilee course. Unlike the previous day, which saw Scotland covered in cloud and rain, Sunday dawned fair, and sun cream was in order. The course was in good order and the ensuing 4-ball matches saw some close games. A half on the 18th from Thomson & Watt in the final game was enough to secure a 2-2 draw for SUGS, and, in the best traditions of the Ryder & Walker Cup, guarantee possession of the “Ground Under Repair” trophy for another year following victory in 2005.



Results from St Andrews – Jubilee Course (SUGS names first)
1) DS Reekie & KW MacIntosh beat A Woodman & GR Murray 5&4
2) FH McCluskey & C Fotheringham lost to I Kerr & AW Russell 1 hole
3) R Duncan & MH Reid halved with M Hillson & H Phillips
4) AM Thomson & NGM Watt halved with MJ Todd & JJ MacNaughton


Result: SUGS 2 – 2 St Andrews SUGS

Gullane GC – Gullane 1 – 3 September 2006


After a gap of 4 years, it was entirely appropriate that this match returned to the fixture list in the SUGS centenary year, given the long association SUGS has had, and continues to have, with Gullane. The day did not get off to a promising start, with torrential rain overnight and a steady drizzle on the 1st tee, but the morning quickly improved and umbrellas were soon dispensed with. A welcome appearance was made by our President to watch the matches tee off.
Both sides fielded evenly matched pairings for this foursomes encounter over Gullane No. 1, but local knowledge for the home side proved enough of an advantage to secure a 2-1 victory. An enjoyable lunch was taken in the Gullane clubhouse, and a copy of the SUGS Centenary History was presented to the host side to mark the occasion.



Results (SUGS names first)
1) G A Belch & K McKay lost to D A Anderson & P D Lowe by 1 hole
2) A M Thomson & A E McCrone beat S A Lindsey & A J Fraser by 1 hole
3) D S Reekie & I J Esslemont lost to N Davidson & J A F Macdonald


Result: SUGS 1 – 2 Gullane GC

Queens University GS – Royal Portrush / Royal County Down – 14-15 September 2006


One of the undoubted highlights of the year saw SUGS, with, it has to be said, a fairly strong team on paper, travel to Northern Ireland to face a stern examination both on and off the golf course. Once again our hosts looked after us in royal fashion, and ensured we were well fed and watered on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning brought an 8am start at Royal Portrush (Dunluce) for the first set of foursome matches. In good conditions, QUGS went into lunch with a 1 point advantage (perhaps helped by one of the number inadvertently carrying 15 clubs!), but with increasing sunshine, there was optimism in the SUGS ranks that this could be overhauled in the afternoon foursomes over the Valley course. However, it was QUGS, with a number of Portrush members in their ranks, who yet again had the upper hand, and ended the day with a 9-7 advantage. Dinner was taken in the Portrush clubhouse, during which the pairings were announced for Friday morning at Newcastle. A number of members of both sides travelled back to Belfast that evening to avoid an early start the next morning, but some (perhaps with tactics in mind?) stayed in the north, and ensured the watering holes of Portrush and Portstewart received their custom.


Friday morning at Royal County Down, Newcastle, dawned a perfect day, and found another of the world’s great links courses in magnificent condition. The only criticism that could be levelled was the lack of wind (perhaps SUGS were not used to playing in such calm conditions?), although a gentle breeze picked up as the day progressed. Unfortunately, the setting did nothing to inspire SUGS’ golf, and lunched “dormie” for the entire match, having only managed to take 1 point from the morning foursomes. Things got worse in the afternoon for SUGS, and it was QUGS who fought as though they were in a dormie situation. A halftime G&T for many of the matches did little to improve the SUGS resistance, and QUGS ran out winners of the afternoon series by 7½ – ½. Suffice to say, this match represented one of the heaviest defeats for SUGS ever.


That all said, the final dinner, held at Belvoir Park Golf Club, Belfast, was a fitting reminder that this match is more than simply a golf contest, and the friendships formed and renewed also contribute to making this event one of the flagships of the SUGS calendar. However, some team changes may well be made for the return fixture next year!




Postscript: Observant readers may note that 4 members of the Dick family playing for QUGS scored 9 points – more than the entire SUGS tally…


Day 1 – Results from Royal Portrush (Dunluce A.M. / Valley P.M.) – SUGS names first
1) Graeme Belch & Will McWilliams lost to Gary Jones & Colin Darrah by 1 hole
2) Ewan Cameron & Dave Rennie lost to Brian Fleming & Keith McGarry by 7 and 6
3) Keith McCall & Robin Duncan beat Alistair Dick & Johnny Browne by 3 and 2
4) Niall Farquharson & Andrew Thomson beat Ian Young & Arthur Bell by 1 hole
5) Peter Kinloch & Colin Steele beat Nick Fazackerly & Alan Irwin by 6 and 4
6) Jim Kinloch & Mike Mullins lost to Peter Watson & Andrew Dick by 3 and 2
7) Ken Chrystie & David Neill lost to Craig Cameron & Peter Dick by 4 and 3
8) John Davie & Andrew McCrone halved with John Neill & Peter Conlon


Morning Result: SUGS 3½ – 4½ QUGS


1) Graeme Belch & Dave Rennie halved with Brian Fleming & Alistair Dick
2) Keith McCall & Jim Kinloch beat Gary Jones & Keith McGarry by 2 holes
3) Ewan Cameron & Niall Farquharson lost to Ian Young & Colin Darrah by 1 hole
4) Ken Chrystie & Will McWilliams beat Johnny Browne & Arthur Bell by 3 and 2
5) Robin Duncan & Andrew Thomson lost to Nick Fazackerly & Andrew Dick by 4 and 2
6) Mike Mullins & John Davie lost to Alan Irwin & Peter Dick by 5 and 4
7) Peter Kinloch & Andrew McCrone beat Peter Watson & Peter Conlon by 2 and 1
8) David Neill & Colin Steele lost to John Neill & Craig Cameron by 1 hole


Afternoon Result: SUGS 3½ – 4½ QUGS


Day 1 Result: SUGS 7 – 9 QUGS


Day 2 – Results from Royal County Down – SUGS names first

1) Keith McCall & Niall Farquharson lost to Brian Fleming & Brendan Cashell by 5 and 4
2) Graeme Belch & Colin Steele lost to Gary Jones & Ian Young by 1 hole
3) Robin Duncan & Ewan Cameron beat Alistair Dick & Nick Fazackerly by 4 and 2
4) Will McWilliams & Jim Kinloch lost to Johnny Brown & Barry Clements by 3 and 2
5) Dave Rennie & Ken Chrystie lost to Alan Irwin & Arthur Bell by 6 and 5
6) Andrew McCrone & Andrew Thomson lost to Andrew Dick & Ian Dick by 3 and 2
7) Peter Kinloch & John Davie lost to Craig Cameron & Ian Saunderson by 3 and 1
8) David Neill & Mike Mullins lost to Peter Watson & Oliver Woods by 3 and 2


Morning Result: SUGS 1 – 7 QUGS

1) Robin Duncan & Will McWilliams lost to Gary Jones & Alistair Dick by 1 hole
2) Keith McCall & Dave Rennie lost to Johnny Browne & Brendan Cashell by 2 and 1
3) Graeme Belch & Jim Kinloch lost to Brian Fleming & Barry Clements by 1 hole
4) Niall Farquharson & Ken Chrystie lost to Ian Young & Nick Fazackerly by 1 hole
5) Ewan Cameron & Colin Steele halved with Alan Irwin & Ian Dick
6) Andrew McCrone & John Davie lost to Craig Cameron & Peter Watson by 7 and 5
7) Dave Neill & Peter Kinloch lost to Arthur Bell & Andrew Dick by 2 and 1
8) Mike Mullins & Andrew Thomson lost to Oliver Woods & Ian Saunderson by 5 and 4


Afternoon Result: SUGS ½ – 7½ QUGS


Day 2 Result: SUGS 1½ – 14½ QUGS


Overall Result: SUGS 8½ – 23½ QUGS

Centenary Celebrations – 5 & 6 October 2006

Click here for the Match Results.
Click here for the Centenary Postscript.

Autumn Meeting – Gullane 1 & 2 – 23 October 2006


It was only possible to complete the morning round. Gale force winds in the afternoon caused play to be abandoned.

W N Boase Putter:
1) Nicky Gold – 76 scratch stableford points


R S Sloan Trophy:
1) Mark Hillson – 37 scratch stableford points


C R Duncan Leeds Trophy:
1) Martin Hopley – 38 net stableford points (BIH)


Seniors Salver:
1) David Rennie – 36 net stableford points

Aberdeen University - Royal Aberdeen - 5 November 2006

Match cancelled

Edinburgh University – Gullane No 2 – 25 November 2006

The final encounter of the centenary year – could SUGS finish the year as they had started, with a win in East Lothian? Weather and course conditions were good for late November, with the Roy Thomson trophy at stake for the fourball matches over Gullane 2. Things started promisingly for SUGS, with the opening 2 matches halved before newly elected captain Graeme Belch secured the first win. In match 4, a number of birdies from both sides were seen before Edinburgh’s number 1 player, Mark Dickson, stepped up a gear, drove the 17th green and holed the resultant 12 foot putt for an eagle 2 to see off Thomson and Duncan.

With everything hanging on the last match, the students held their nerve to secure a win, and retain the Roy Thomson trophy. SUGS last won this fixture in 1997 – hopefully next year’s encounter will break the 10 year losing streak.



Results (SUGS names first)
1) Andrew McCrone & David Wallace halved with Jack Musgrove & Richard Pentecost
2) Dougie Hunter & Gordon Shannon halved with Mark Wilkie & Craig Speed
3) Will McWilliams & Graeme Belch beat Jay Varkey & Scott Henderson by 3 and 1
4) Andrew Thomson & Robin Duncan lost to Mark Dickson & Graham Clarke by 3 and 1
5) Douglas Morton & Alasdair Woodman lost to Ross McDonald & Andrew Ponsonby by 2 and 1


Result: SUGS 2 – 3 Edinburgh University

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